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Facility Guide

Information on open hours, floor layout and more.

Communication is Our Key Word

The Yamaha Motor group is striving to be a global corporate group with the mission of "Offering new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world" by using our ingenuity and passion to help realize people’s dreams and to always be the one people look to for the next Kando.* To realize these aims, we have continued to expand our fields of business and now offer a wide range of products, from motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and electrically power assisted bicycles, to marine products like powerboats, sailboats and outboard motors, as well as generators, ATVs, swimming pools and industrial robots.

The Communication Plaza is a space that presents the past, present and future of the Yamaha Motor group. With "communication" as our key word, this concept behind this facility is to be a place where not only the customers who love our products, but also our business partners and the employees of Yamaha Motor group companies can meet, exchange information and interact with the aim of improving each other’s individual skills.

The Communication Plaza brings together the many types of Yamaha products serving people around the world as well as epoch-making models from our past, along with displays of the very latest Yamaha technologies, activities and information.

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.


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*Depending on the situation, the calendar may be changed without prior notice.

Open Day A 9:00–17:00
  • These Plaza open days are based on Yamaha Motor’s working days.
  • Please be aware that parts of the facility may be closed as circumstances require.
Open Day B 10:00–17:00
  • The Plaza is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays and the following Sunday of each month. Please be aware that the opening time is different.
  • Use of the meeting room is possible by Yamaha Motor product user clubs for meeting purposes.

When visiting the facility

  • Entrance is free.
  • When visiting the Plaza with 11 or more people, a reservation is required. Please fill in and submit the reservation form at least one week in advance. See the Group Visit reservation page below.
  • Besides at the café space (3rd floor), beverages are allowed in the Plaza Lounge (2nd floor) as well.
  • There is a rest room available for use by visitors with babies.
  • Diaper changing seats can be found in the wheelchair-accessible restrooms (1st and 2nd floor).
  • Please contact the reception desk if you require a wheelchair.
  • No pets are allowed into the Communication Plaza.
  • Those who have consumed alcohol or are intoxicated cannot enter the Plaza.

The Communication Plaza is Yamaha Motor’s corporate museum, but is not staffed to provide individual responses to specific inquiries by phone or at the reception desk.
These include questions concerning technical details about Yamaha models, where or how to purchase parts, current or older Yamaha models, and business negotiations.
We also do not relay such inquiries to other divisions at Yamaha.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation, and thank you for your interest in the Communication Plaza.

About group visits

When visiting the Plaza with 11 or more people, a reservation is required.
Please fill in and submit the reservation form at least one week in advance.

*Please note that certain areas of the Plaza, its facilities, displays, etc., may be off limits.


Communication Plaza 2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

By Car:

  • Tomei Expressway: 5 km from Iwata Exit, 6.5 km from Fukuroi Exit
  • Shin-Tomei Expressway: 17.5 km from Mori-Kakegawa Exit, 19 km from Hamamatsu-Hamakita Exit
  • Iwata Bypass: 2 km from Iwai Exit

From Mikuriya Station on the JR Tokaido Line:

  • By taxi
    - About 5 min. ride
  • By foot
    - About 15 min. (1.2 km)

From Iwata Station on the JR Tokaido Line:

  • By bus
    - Bus #25 at pole #1, get off at “Yamaha Hatsudouki” – 2 min. walk
    - Bus #27 at pole #1, get off at “Nishikaizuka Kita” – 12 min. walk
  • By taxi
    - About 10 min. ride (4.5 km)
Access Map

Floor Guide

First floor
First floor
Scond floor
Second floor
Thrid floor
Third floor
1 Symbol Zone
Representative products from Yamaha Motor history and their modern equivalents are on display here, from motorcycles, marine products and recreational vehicles to electrically power-assisted bicycles and automobile engines.
Symbol Zone
2/3/4 Product Display Space
Here, visitors can see models from the full range of Yamaha products, beginning with the motorcycles and scooters used and loved by people around the world. Also on display are boats, outboard motors, snowmobiles, ATVs, automobile engines, electrically power-assisted bicycles, electric wheelchairs, golf cars, an industrial-use unmanned helicopter, generators, industrial robots and more.
Product Display Space
5 Technology Zone
Introduced here are Yamaha technologies and how they are used across our wide range of products, primarily with the motorcycles that represent our main line of business. Themed mini-exhibitions are held regularly in this area.
Technology Zone
6 Design Zone
The designs of our products and concept models, and other Yamaha-led design activities and initiatives are introduced here along with information about the points that make them unique. Like the Technology Zone, themed mini-exhibitions are held regularly in this area.
Design Zone
7 Exhibition Space
This area is where exhibitions highlighting products and how and where they are used, etc., are held.
Exhibition Space
8 Simulators
A variety of simulators, models that visitors can sit on and video monitors can be found at various exhibit areas to offer visitors virtual experiences as they learn about our products.
9 Hands-on Learning Corner
This space is for hands-on learning activities and other educational events for children.
Hands-on Learning Corner
10 Presentation Room
This room is for giving presentations about the history and overview of Yamaha Motor to tour groups, etc.
Presentation Room
11 Plaza Shop
At this shop located to the right of the entrance area, a large selection of items is on sale, including original Yamaha goods that will make perfect souvenirs of your visit.
Plaza Shop
12 Corporate History Zone
Introduced here are Yamaha Motor’s beginnings: learn about how the company was founded; the meaning behind the Tuning Fork Mark; Yamaha's first motorcycle; the challenge of racing that has been a part of Yamaha DNA since its founding; the spirit of the founder and first president that lives on today; the path taken to diversify and globalize, and more. In addition to the informative displays, you can view related footage in the historic film theater.
Corporate History Zone
13 Racing History Zone
This area introduces Yamaha’s history of challenge in the world of racing that began soon after the company was founded. Here you will find historic models and trophies from various racing categories, and a timeline of achievements spanning over 50 years of competition. There are also touchscreens to view commemorative publications, and race-related video footage is shown on the main screen.
Racing History Zone
14 Product History Zone
This area displays historic Yamaha models and products from the company's beginnings up to today, including motorcycles, marine products like boats and outboard motors, recreational products like ATVs, generators and other power products, and automobile engines. Visitors can also browse various kinds of digital content here. As a policy, the models in the Plaza collection are kept in running condition.
Product History Zone
15 Plaza Lounge
In the Plaza Lounge you will find past product pamphlets and Yamaha publications (PDF format) and historic film footage accessible on touch-screen monitors. There are also magazines specialized in motorcycles and marine/boating products to view. There are outlets to charge your cell phone and you can enjoy beverage take-outs from the Café in the Lounge as well.
Plaza Lounge
16 Café space
The Plaza Café does not serve meals. Please use the vending machine for beverages.
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