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Events Guide

Information on events to be held at the Communication Plaza.

There are currently no events scheduled.

Plaza Measures Against COVID-19

To stem the spread of COVID-19, the Communication Plaza is implementing the following measures and we ask for your kind cooperation.

■ Physical Condition

  • Please refrain from visiting the Plaza if you have a fever of 37.5° or higher, feel fatigued or otherwise unwell.
  • Upon arriving at the Plaza, if our thermography detects a fever and your temperature is reconfirmed as being 37.5° or higher, you will not be allowed to enter the facility.

■ Visitor Limitations and Plaza Entry Measures

  • To maintain an appropriate number of people in the building, we may refuse entry to visitors.
  • Group reservations (11 people or more) are not being taken for the time being.
  • Please refrain from visiting the Plaza by bus.
  • Children of elementary school age or younger must be accompanied by a guardian.

■ While at the Plaza

  • Please disinfect your hands with alcohol and wash your hands in the bathrooms.
  • Please wear a mask (for visitors 3 years of age or older).
  • Please maintain social distancing (approx. 2 meters) and refrain from calling to others or speaking loudly.
  • Only drink beverages in the designated areas. Eating is currently not allowed anywhere in the Plaza.

■ Suspension of Some Services and Activities

  • Coloring pages, commemorative stamps and visitor surveys have been removed.
  • Simulators and the headphones at display signs are unavailable for use.
  • The 3rd floor Plaza Café is closed.
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