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Events Guide

Information on events to be held at the Communication Plaza.

Sailboat Racing: The People and Technology Taking on the World’s Best

The Plaza is making various changes to its display areas throughout June and July as it welcomes visitors.

With summer now in full swing, part of these changes includes the new sailboat display on the center stage of the 1st-floor Symbol Zone. This is the first time for Yamaha’s 470CPG dinghy—built under license in Japan for 470 class racing—to be displayed in the Plaza.

The display includes information about YAMAHA Sailing Team ‘Revs’ and its members competing in several world championships, the AUS11 sailing team from Australia providing sailing-related support and instruction, and the technology behind and development of the craft itself.

We hope you take the opportunity to see the 470 craft up close and get an idea of how it cuts through the waves with the wind in its sails when racing at the top of the sport.  

Summer Concert: Blending Song and Sound

Yoshin Junior High School located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture is known for its music program, and the school’s Brass Band and Choir will hold a concert at the Plaza on July 22 (Sat.). The school’s brass band has won numerous accolades in national competitions, and with the recent added focus on its choir, the school is now winning recognition as one of Hamamatsu’s top schools in both genres of music.

With their daily regimen of practice, the students in the band and choir will no doubt produce a beautifully harmonious and vibrant combination of music and vocals. Admission is free.

Time July 22 (Sat.) from 10:30 (about 30 min.)
Content Brass band and choir
Performers Yoshin Junior High School Brass Band and Choir
Venue 1st Floor, Presentation Room

Summer Saxophone Concert

The Checks, a quartet made up of saxophone enthusiasts, will hold a small concert on July 23 (Sun.). The group will play a variety of songs and their soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes cover the full sound range, so you’re sure to get a full appreciation of the instrument’s unique charm. Admission is free.

Time July 23 (Sun.) from 13:00 (about 30 min.)
Content Saxophone quartet playing Latin, rock, pop songs and more
Performers The Checks
Venue 1st Floor, Atrium

Plaza Shop Gets Refreshed Interior and Attractive Line of Souvenirs and Mementos

We have a wealth of attractive souvenirs and mementos on display!

Left: YA-1 emblem (with paperweight)
13,000 JPY (incl. tax)
Right: YA-1 emblem
10,000 JPY (incl. tax)

The Plaza Shop on the 1st floor sells souvenirs and items perfect for commemorating your visit to the Plaza, and was given a full renovation this summer.

The new white interior has blue accents reminiscent of Yamaha racing colors, and the shop’s fixtures, lighting and item displays have all been revised to create a neat and more organized appearance. Also, the layout was revamped to make it easier to enter and view the items on sale.

What’s more, the shop’s line of items has been revised as well with a fuller array of original products that can only be purchased at the Plaza, items adorned with the Yamaha logo or modeled after various Yamaha products, race-related apparel and trinkets, and miniature product models.

Of particular note is the new YA-1 emblem we have prepared. This beautiful piece is a faithful reproduction of the original emblem and uses the same cloisonné finish the YA-1 did. It can even be attached to a YA-1’s fuel tank (some fitment work required). However, only a limited number are available, so please be sure to stop by the Plaza Shop before you leave!

Relaying the Excitement of Off-road Racing

The ever-popular Racing History Zone on the 2nd floor was redesigned for Summer 2017. Following the renewal of the road racing display area to resemble a circuit starting grid, the off-road racing area was renovated and now highlights Yamaha’s machines from motocross, rally racing and trials.
With iconic shots of the vast deserts and wastelands seen in the Paris-Dakar Rally during the 1980s and 1990s in the background, the area exhibits some 10 different off-road racing bikes from various eras on multi-leveled display platforms for a more active, three-dimensional presentation. You can almost smell the dirt and sand. Be sure to stop by!

Specially Wrapped Lexus LFA on Display

The V10 engine in Lexus’ LFA supercar was jointly developed by Lexus and Yamaha Motor. The car’s thrilling sound, likened to the “roar of an angel,” is one of its defining features.

To create the exhaust note, musical instrument company Yamaha Corporation joined the project and helped give the car its sometimes elegant and sometimes ferocious soul-stirring sound.

Paying homage to this effort, the Lexus LFA has been given a special car wrap entitled “Angel in Car,” and is currently on display in the 1st floor Symbol Zone.

The Toyota 2000GT will also return to the Symbol Zone alongside the LFA in place of the OX99-11.

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