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1985 TRY (CP50E)

Collection items

(1985 / Production Model)


This was a scooter developed for young people concerned about the feel of quality in items and goods, and pride of ownership. Its main features included the sharp, triangular design, the helmet holder that didn’t interfere with the body lines and foot space that was comfortable even for taller riders. Also, the engine with a V-belt type continuously variable transmission was mounted via a link structure and rubber dampers to provide outstanding running performance and a comfortable ride.

  • Overall length × width × height: 1,540mm × 610mm × 965mm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Engine type: Air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder, 49cm³
  • Maximum power output: 3.7kW (5.0PS) / 7,000r/min
  • Maximum torque: 5.4N・m (0.55kgf・m) / 5,500r/min
  • Price: ¥99,800

*All figures, etc. in a model's description or specifications are from when the model was originally released.

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