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1980 TOWNY (MJ50)

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(1980 / Production Model)


The growing soft bike market sparked by the success of the Passol brought calls for a “soft bike for men” and this led to the launch of the Towny three years after the Passol. This model was unique for the sporty ride created by its 2.8 hp engine and shaft drive, a chassis with a pressed backbone frame large enough for people of larger physiques and other features designed to make it an appealing, easy-to-use soft bike for the 30s age group of males it was developed to target. In the year of its release, it won the coveted Good Design (G Mark) Award. The "This is great!" catchphrase of the launch commercial became a popular expression of the year, and the commercial won awards as well.

  • Overall length × width × height: 1,600mm × 660mm × 1,050mm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Engine type: Air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder, 49cm³
  • Maximum power output: 2.1kW (2.8PS) / 6,000r/min
  • Maximum torque: 3.9N・m (0.4kgf・m) / 3,500r/min
  • Price: ¥89,800

*All figures, etc. in a model's description or specifications are from when the model was originally released.

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