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1988 YZR500 (0W98)

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(1988 / Racing Machine)

YZR500 (0W98)

To accommodate the crankcase reed valve system on this GP500 factory machine, the V bank on the V4 engine was widened from 60 to 70 degrees. The exhaust pipe layout was also changed, with the pipes from the lower (front-side) two cylinders crossing under the engine and brought out on the right side. To accommodate this, a left-right asymmetric swingarm with a large upward arch on the right side was adopted. In addition, carbon disc brakes were used for the first time from the 12th round, the British GP. On this machine, Eddie Lawson took his third GP500 title and gave Yamaha its third consecutive Constructor title.

  • Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke, V4, 499cm³
  • Crankcase reed intake valve
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Maximum power output: Over 110.3kW (150PS)

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