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2013 YZR-M1 (0WT5)

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(2013 / Racing Machine)

YZR-M1 (0WT5)

In MotoGP’s second year of running 1,000cc machinery, this YZR-M1 featured improvements to performance, durability, and more while meeting the series’ requirements for engines per season (five) and minimum weight (160 kg). Having returned to Yamaha, Valentino Rossi recorded his 80th career Grand Prix win while Jorge Lorenzo secured Yamaha’s 200th premier-class victory at the Japanese GP. The Mallorcan took the most wins that season with eight and finished as the championship runner-up.

  • Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 4-cylinder, 1,000cm³
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Fuel supply: Fuel injection
  • Maximum power output: Over 176kW (240PS)

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