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1963 PC-3

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(1963 / Marine Product)


This model was the successor to the popular P-3 outboard, which was called “Yamaha's yellow hat” due to the distinctive coloring and rounded shape of its fuel tank cover, and changed the face of waterside scenes around Japan. Taking into consideration the wishes of users involved in coastal fishing, it carried on the development concept of the P-3, which had won the trust of customers with its lightness, ease of use and engine start-up performance. This new model further boosted the P-3's quality and reliability and laid the foundation for Yamaha's climb to the status of a world-leading outboard motor manufacturer.

  • Engine type: Air-cooled, 2-stroke, single-cylinder, 64cm³
  • Maximum power output: 2.6kW (3.5PS) / 4,500r/min

*All figures, etc. in a model's description or specifications are from when the model was originally released.

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