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To Become Tomorrow’s Trailblazer: Taking on the Trial-E Cup for the Second Year (Video)

August 29, 2019

August 29, 2019—“I debuted in the Trial World Championship at 16 and competed full-time until I was 27 or 28. In the end, 3rd was the highest rank I got. So, I’d love to take this slightly different route to becoming a champion by finishing 1st in the Trial-E Cup.” Kenichi Kuroyama laid out his goal before he and the Yamaha Factory Racing Team competed in the FIM Trial-E Cup once again on the Yamaha TY-E electric trials machine in their second entry since 2018.

The Cup consists of only two rounds, so the champion is decided over a very short period. Kuroyama drew on his experience from last time for this second attempt, but unfortunately finished 2nd at the Cup’s two rounds held at the TrialGP Netherlands on June 22–23 and at the TrialGP Belgium on June 29–30. This made him the title runner-up as the year before. The Yamaha Factory Racing Team and Kuroyama share their thoughts in this short video highlighting their challenge on the world stage to be trailblazers of tomorrow and the Japanese rider’s all-out effort to take a long-sought-after FIM title.

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