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New Organizational Reforms and Personnel Changes at Yamaha Motor

December 26, 2022

IWATA, December 26, 2022 - At today's Board of Directors Meeting, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) resolved to implement the following organizational reforms and personnel changes, effective January 1, 2023.

■ Organizational Reforms (effective January 1, 2023)
1. Manufacturing Center
The Manufacturing Engineering Section will be reorganized to speed up the development of manufacturing technology.

・The Power Train Engineering Division will be divided into two new departments: the PT Aluminum Components Engineering Division and the PT Steel Components Engineering Division.

2. PF Model Unit
The PF Model Unit will be reorganized to improve operational efficiency and quality.

・The Electronics Technology Section will be reorganized, and the Electronics Technology Planning Division will be newly established for planning and advance development of electronic technology. In accordance with the reorganization of roles and functions, the Electronics System Development Division will be renamed the System Development Division, and the Electronic Device Development Division will be renamed the Component Development Division.
・The administrative and indirect functions of the PF Planning Division, PF Model Development Section will be integrated into the PF Strategy Division. Accordingly, the PF Planning Division will be dissolved.

3.Marine Business Operations
The Development Section will be reorganized with the aim of strengthening CASE development capabilities and increasing development speed.

・In terms of strengthening role functions, the advance development functions of the Engineering Development Division will be transferred to the Advanced Development Division, and model-based development functions will be transferred to the Engine Development Division. Accordingly, the Engineering Development Division will be dissolved.
・The functions related to system development of the Development Section will be consolidated, and the Electric System Development Division will be renamed the System Development Division. 

■ Personnel changes (effective, January 1, 2023)

(Project Executive)
・ The executive officers and fellows in charge of important strategic issues and projects that require cross-business and cross-functional initiatives are appointed as the project executives
・ The "Motorcycle Electrification Project" will mature medium- to long-term electrification strategies and plans in the existing MC (Motorcycle) business domain, reorganize development and manufacturing systems, and promote the prompt market launch of MC electrified products.
・ In the "New Mobility Project," the Company will develop new mobility demand and applications outside the scope of its existing product lineup, focusing on the LSM (Low Speed Mobility) area.
・ The "PAS Drive Unit Competitiveness Project" will develop drive units for electrically power assisted bicycles and innovate manufacturing processes to improve the market competitiveness of our products.
・ The new mid-term DX strategy "YNS (Yamaha Motor to the Next Stage)," we are working to speed up management decision-making and standardize operations through business process reforms and the renewal of company-wide systems, with the aim of further accelerating their realization.

(Abbreviation of Division Names)

・ PT  = Powertrain
・ PF  = Platform
・ ERP = Enterprise Resources Planning
・ SP  = Sports
・ QA = Quality Assurance
・ CS  = Customer Service
・ SMT = Surface Mount Technology

(Main businesses of the group companies referenced above)
・ PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing: Manufacture and sales of motorcycles in Indonesia
・ Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation: Located in the United States and supports the financial services business control function for the entire Yamaha Motor Group.
・ Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation, U.S.A.; Provide Dealer Finance and Retail Finance
・ Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.: Import and sales of Yamaha Motor products in the Netherlands, marketing of Yamaha Motor products in Europe, product development, finance and other businesses
・ India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.: Manufacture, export and sales of motorcycles in India
・ Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.: Manufacture and sales of motorcycles and other products in Thailand
・ Yamaha Motor da Amazonia Ltda.: Manufacture and sales of motorcycles and outboard motors in Brazil
・ Yamaha Motor Racing S.r.l.: Management and operation of MotoGP activity in Italy
・ Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.: Import and sales of Yamaha Motor products in the U.S.A
・ Yamaha Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi: Import and sales of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, golf cars, their parts, accessories and other products in Turkey
・ Industria Colombiana de Motocicletas Yamaha S.A.:Manufacturing/Sales of Motorcycle, and Sales of Repairing Parts, Sales of YAMAHA Musical instruments
・ Yamaha Motor Solutions Co., Ltd.: Development, operation and maintenance of computer and information systems

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