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The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 - About the Yamaha Booth

October 28, 2015

Main Display Models

World Premiere Models

Models making their world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

MWT-9 (Reference vehicle / Experimental vehicle)
Resonator125 (Reference vehicle / Experimental vehicle)
PES2 (Reference vehicle / Experimental vehicle)
PED2 (Reference vehicle / Experimental vehicle)
SPORTS RIDE CONCEPT (Special exhibit / Experimental vehicle)
YPJ-MTB CONCEPT (Reference vehicle / Experimental vehicle)

Japan Premiere Models

Models making their Japan debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

NMAX125 (Production vehicle)


Other Display Models / Technology Exhibit

MOTOBOT Ver.1 (Technology exhibit)
MT-09 TRACER ABS (Production vehicle)
MT-07 ABS (Production vehicle)
MT-03 (Production vehicle)
YZF-R1M (Reference vehicle / Export specification vehicle)
YZF-R1 (Reference vehicle / Export specification vehicle)
YZF-R3 ABS (Production vehicle)
YZR-M1 (eference vehicle / Commemorative vehicle)
VMAX (Production vehicle)
TMAX530 ABS (TMAX530 ABS IRON MAX) (Production vehicle)
SR400 (Production vehicle)
TRICITY 125 (Production vehicle)
YPJ-R (Production vehicle)
YXZ1000R (Special exhibit / Overseas production vehicle)

About the Yamaha Booth

The theme of the Yamaha Motor booth for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is "Resonate. The Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra." The booth will display a 20-model array of concept and production models, including six world premiere models and one Japan premiere model.
At the Yamaha booth this time, visitors will see Yamaha's "growing world of personal mobility" unified by the unique Yamaha product development ideal of Jin-Ki Kanno in displays that include electrically power assisted bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, Leaning Multi-Wheelers (LMW), a Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROV), an automobile and an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that brings together Yamaha's motorcycle and robotics technology.
The creative booth design employs the image of a symphony hall in which Yamaha mobility products and musical instruments converge and resonate together like an orchestra. We hope you will enjoy this display of Yamaha's "growing world of personal mobility" and the way it fills the booth with the unique resonance of the Yamaha brand.

Booth Layout

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