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About the Yamaha Booth For the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009

October 21, 2009

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The Art of Engineering

·About the Yamaha Booth
·Highlights of the Yamaha Booth

·Smart Power
[Reference vehicles]

World Premiere Models

World Premiere Models : Display models unveiled for the first time in the world at the Tokyo Motor Show

[Special exhibition vehicles]
·PAS Brace-L Special
·PAS er
[Special display]

[Reference vehicles]

World Premiere Models

World Premiere Models : Display models unveiled for the first time in the world at the Tokyo Motor Show

·SR400 (F.I.)
·The Lord of YAMAHA Adventure’s
[Production vehicles]
·TMAX 10th Anniversary WHITEMAX
[Reference vehicle  Export-specification vehicle]
[Reference vehicle]
[Special display]
·LEXUS LFA development prototype engine

About the Yamaha Booth

Yamaha Motor's theme for the 41st Tokyo Motor Show is "The Art of Engineering." To express our quest for a fusion of performance and design that speak strongly to human perceptions and sensitivities, we present our booth in the image of a museum and the display products and technologies as works of art.
The re-organizing of the event venue layout this time means that we will have the opportunity to communicate the fun and wonderful qualities of motorcycles to not only motorcycle fans but also many automobile fans as well. In light of this, we have planned the displays and attractions at our booth under the theme of "A moment - Feeling Kando*" with the aim of communicating the appeal and potential of motorcycles and other personal mobility vehicles and helping visitors appreciate the uniqueness of Yamaha Motor.

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value.

Highlights of the Yamaha Booth

The first things that visitors to the Yamaha Motor booth will see in the entrance area where they first encounter the Yamaha brand are the electric commuter concept models "EC-f" and "EC-fs." Visitors will also see the "TMAX 10th Anniversary WHITEMAX," a special limited edition celebrating the 10th year of the TMAX model that created a whole new category as a "automatic supersport" bike; a reference vehicle of the SR400, which has won a following for over 30 years since its launch; the cruiser model XVS950A that combine enjoyable running performance and pride of ownership and others. All of these models are full of the unique appeal of motorcycles.
At the center of the booth, we display different personal-mobility products that express our "Smart Power" technology ideal based primarily on new alternative power sources with a small environmental footprint that open up unexplored new worlds of Kando*. Here visitors will see the "EC-03," a model offering types of convenience, fun and familiarity only possible in a quiet and clean-running electric two-wheeler, and other vehicles like concept models of our PAS electro-hybrid bicycles.
Surrounding the Smart Power stage are displays like the VMAX, a flagship among the Yamaha motorcycles; the latest version of the YZ450F competition model that originally popularized the 4-stroke motocrosser and brought a whole new era to off-road competition; and an artistic objet named "The Lord of YAMAHA Adventure's" inspired by the dreams and romance of adventure on the open road.
Moving further into the booth, visitors will find displays of technologies representative of Yamaha Motor's attitude toward product creation and the evolution and strengthening of our technology. Displays include the YZR-M1 competing so prominently in MotoGP, the pinnacle class of motorcycle road racing, and the YZF-R1, which sits at the top of Yamaha Motor's proud supersport model series. There is also a display of a development prototype engine for the LEXUS LFA as representative of the ongoing research, development and manufacturing of automobile engines by Yamaha Motor. Also, you will see our "Soul. Machine. Electrified. Gallery" featuring the "HV-X" mounting a compact hybrid power system and other models that reflect Yamaha Motor's ideal of "product creation that places priority of human sensitivities" and employ our GENESIS and G.E.N.I.C.H. engineering ideals.

Booth Layout

Booth Layout

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