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October 22, 2003

MABRICE (Special exhibition model)


Length x Width x Height
Engine type
Maximum power
Maximum torque

2,157mm x 720mm x 1,218mm
Liquid-cooled 4-stroke SOHC 2-valve Single


Taking the Majesty as its base, this is a hybrid model that weds young “Low & Long” styling with outstanding performance in tandem riding. The result is a bike that can let you enjoy a tandem-capable, big-scooter lifestyle. The main power unit is a 250cc engine that drives the rear wheel, while an in-hub electric motor in the front wheel adds a power assist when conditions are suitable, such as during acceleration, for even more enjoyable running performance. The front wheel motor can also be used alone to make getting in and out of parking spots easier or when pushing the bike. A fingertip switch lets the rider choose between three different running modes: (1) rear wheel drive, (2) rear wheel drive and front wheel motor assist or (3) front wheel assist only. The MABRICE also mounts a navigation system.

dolsa wind (Special exhibition model)


Length x Width x Height
Power unit
Rated power output

1,800mm x 865mm x 940mm
Permanent magnet synchronous motor


This concept model proposes an entirely new type of electric vehicle (EV) with a ride that summons up the combined images of the unique feeling of riding on the wind and the enriching experience of playing a musical instrument. It proposes a new type of riding pleasure that lets you open up and enjoy the gentle flow of the wind. The simple electric drive system makes possible a revolutionary aerodynamic form reminiscent of a glider, while the absence of the fuel tank that was necessary for an internal combustion engine allows the rider to open up into a more relaxed riding position and enjoy the flow of air against the body while riding. What's more, outfitting the bike with a wind sensor connected to a sound-generating device, creates an interactive system in which the actions of the rider in operating the bike produce different sounds. This sound is generated from a speaker box under the seat and a speaker in the handlebar assembly to create a 3-dimensional “sound space” that envelopes the rider. In this way, Yamaha has created a new form of entertainment we call “Pleasure riding, artful riding.”


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