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Safety Technologies on the YamahaASV-2 Model 1

November 15, 2000

Damage Mitigating Technologies

5)"Airbag System" to reduce shock to the motorcycle rider during collisions

[Research and Development Aim]
Although airbag systems are already commonly used in 4-wheelers to supplement the seat belt function, there has been a demand to develop a different type of system for motorcycles due to such factors as the need for a bag with a larger area in order to offer protective effect to a motorcycle rider, who is not confined within a vehicle, as is the case with 4-wheelers. During research for the development of the system adopted here, full consideration was given to the unique characteristics of a 2-wheeler while focusing attention both on mitigating injury to the rider in frontal collisions and reducing secondary injuries resulting from the rider being thrown off the vehicle.


[Features of the Technology]
The system comprises a "front sensing bumper" with improved shock sensing performance, an ECU that calculates shock to the vehicle and vehicle running speed to make the judgment that a collision has occurred, an inflater to inflate the bag and the airbag itself.
When the ECU detects a shock, it immediately determines whether it is the result of a collision and sends a signal to ignite the inflater. The gas emitted by the triggered inflater inflates the airbag in front of the rider.

Structure of Airbag System compoments

Safety Technologies on the Yamaha ASV-2 Model 1

Preventative Safety Technologies

Accident Avoidance Technologies

Damage Mitigating Technologies

Safety Technologies on the Yamaha ASV-2 Model 2

Preventative Safety Technologies


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