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Policy for Dialogue with Shareholders

The following specifies our policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders.

Policy for Dialogue with Shareholders

1. Systems for Managing Dialogue with Shareholders

To enhance dialogue with shareholders and investors, the division in charge of IR and SR is set up within the Corporate Planning & Finance Center. The President and Representative Director serves as the responsible person in charge of dialogue, and the Director who manages Corporate Planning & Finance Center serves as the officer in charge.

This dedicated division works in cooperation with divisions in charge of each theme to establish a structure that can provide beneficial information to shareholders and investors.

When shareholders and investors have personal requests, the President and Representative Director, Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers set up an interview with them to the extent possible, taking into account factors including the purpose of the interview, the degree of importance and the party requesting the interview.

2. Policies on Collaboration with Internal Divisions, etc., Assisting Dialogue with Shareholders

To engage in rational and smooth dialogue with shareholders and investors, the division in charge of IR and SR takes the initiative in collaborating with related divisions, sharing information and knowledge, examining the direction of dialogue, and preparing disclosure materials.

3. Measures to Enhance Methods of Dialogue other than Individual Interviews

Financial results briefing sessions are held on a quarterly basis for the press, analysts, and institutional investors. In addition, briefing sessions to explain Yamaha Motor’s medium- to long-term management strategies, business operations and products, and other important topics, are held as necessary.

We strive to carry out favorable communication with shareholders and investors overseas through various means including individual visits and briefing sessions for overseas investors.

We endeavor to carry out comprehensible communication with individual investors through measures including participation in events sponsored by newspaper publishers and securities companies, briefing sessions for individual investors, and dedicated website pages for individual investors.

4. Sharing Information Including Opinions from Shareholders with the Management

Opinions, inquires, and other information obtained from shareholders and investors through dialogue is collected and sorted by the IR and SR Division, then shared with the management and Directors (including Outside Directors). In addition, the officer in charge strives to share information with the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other individuals and committees as necessary.

5. Insider Information Management

Yamaha Motor separately formulates disclosure policies on insider information management, based on which it fully enforces fair disclosure and takes appropriate actions.

We refrain from having dialogue concerning financial results during the period between the following day of the end of each quarter period and the date of release of financial results (“ silent period ”).

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