Drawing Yamaha’s Future Vol. 09 Kaichiro Yamamoto Two Yamahas, One Passion

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Kaichiro Yamamoto

Currently works in the Product Design 1 Group at the Creative Center’s Product Design Division. Joined Yamaha Motor in 2017 after graduating from the Department of Product and Textile Design at Tama Art University’s Faculty of Art and Design with a major in product design. From his love of both motorcycles and musical instruments, he decided to join Yamaha Motor, which has its roots in music through Nippon Gakki (today’s Yamaha Corporation). He is currently designing motorcycles, but dreams of one day being involved in a collaborative design project between the two Yamahas.

Two Yamahas, One Passion
Introducing the collaborative design activities undertaken by the design divisions of Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

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