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The PES2 delivers the excitement and speed of a high-performance sports motorcycle in a cutting-edge electric vehicle.


The only thing you hear is the sound of the wind rushing by; this is the future of road-going sport bikes. The PES2 is the product of a pursuit to create a sport EV that can provide performance never experienced before. The second motor is built into the hub of the front wheel, making this a 2WD motorcycle. From starts to cornering, the PES2 heightens the feeling of road contact and ensures efficient transmission of drive force to the road in a way that never feels unnatural to the rider. Also, the "smart helmet" serves as the base for a next-generation rider-support system.

Design Point of View

The main motor and frame are designed as a single unit. The styling has a "floating bone and wings" structure that resembles an exoskeleton.
The motors powering the front and rear wheels bring a new kind of motorcycling experience.
Making full use of high-sensitivity image sensors and augmented realty (AR) technology, this in-helmet display system visually conveys road and vehicle information to the wearer, helping to support a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.
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