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The PED2, an electric mountain trail model developed around the theme of coexisting with nature.


This electric mountain trail model was developed with a theme of coexisting with nature. The torque from the electric motor is precisely controlled by means of our electronic control technology to deliver performance that makes the PED2 easy to use even for beginners as well as delivering plenty of drivability at very low speeds. The PED2 uses the same main electric power unit as the road-going PES2.
The only noise emitted by the PED2 is the light hum of the motor, allowing you to quietly enter the woods and ride on trails without disrupting the serenity of the sound of the birds and the wind rustling the branches overhead. Whether it is for bird watching or just exploring a new trail, this is mobility that opens up a new way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Design Point of View

It is possible to switch modes between manual and automatic gear shifting, and the clutch enables a variety of ways to control the drive force from the rear wheel.
The unique chassis design comes from the functions needed for a mountain trail bike and the requirements of an EV.
Rider recognition, turning on the bike, checking vehicle conditions, selecting destinations and other rider-support features are controlled via IoT (Internet of Things) functions.
These "smart glasses" utilize cameras on the bike facing the front and rear to display a variety of information to the rider.
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