"On & Off crossover"

The "On & Off" of this crossover refers to the multi wheel's command over a variety of terrain - both on-road and off—that is firmly founded in the maneuverability unique to the format. It also refers to the "On & Off" of the rhythm generated in switching between demanding, aggressive riding, and the relaxed enjoyment of smooth riding—a rhythm linked to the rider's mood shifts. The 01GEN is a personal vehicle that enables enjoyment of two modes at the whim of the rider, and embodies the "Refined Dynamism" of Yamaha’s design philosophy.


Body Line "On & Off"

The body line that flows seamlessly from front to rear makes no distinction between front and back, presenting a form that expresses the "On & Off crossover" concept. In addition, the outer surface makes effective use of the characteristics of light, highlighting the powerful advance of the machine. A variety of essences are woven into the "On & Off crossover" elements: the upper area of the vehicle portraying the exhilarating flow of on-road riding, and the lower area emphasizing the sense of power.

Coloring "Blue & Silver"

The upper area of the machine is mainly silver in color, with blue used for the shadow sections. The pale blue reflected in the silver surfaces projects a world of calm, refinement. On the lower area, the blue and silver on the wheels in particular are sharply divided as an expression of the dynamic riding of rough off-roading.

Harmony "Flowing&Mechanical"

Making the most of the volume of the double front wheels, the body possesses a completely new silhouette that could not be achieved as an extension of existing two-wheel vehicles. The harmony that evolves from interweaving the flowing body and mechanical framework is a proposal for a new, sexy design.

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