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The 02GEN concept model based on design philosophy - part 2, and models created in collaboration with fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa.



An alluring wheelchair that can be controlled swiftly and moves with elegance,
while being adaptable to the needs of each individual user.



Ever since the world’s first electric power assisted bicycle, Yamaha PAS,
was launched in 1993, the Yamaha engine-inspired electronic power assist technology has created the foundation for
new design ideas and brought forward the ‘02GEN, a design concept model for an electrically assisted wheelchair.
02GEN brings to life "a wheelchair that can be controlled swiftly and moves with elegance,
while being adaptable to the needs of each individual user."
While incorporating the functionality and safety required for electrically power-assisted wheelchairs,
this concept model pursues comfort, beautiful user posture when seated,
and a sense of synergy between the user and wheelchair.

02GEN Collaboration Model


With a philosophy of creating new value in innovation,
Yamaha Motor's Design Department collaborated with Tamae Hirokawa (SOMA DESIGN),
a Japanese fashion designer active on the global stage,
to develop a design concept model of an electric power-assisted wheelchair featuring proposals for colors,
materials, and finishes based on the ‘02GEN.’
The seat of this wheelchair utilizes white-embossed leather, skin-toned ivory colors for the frame and wheels,
and matte red-gold anodized aluminum coating for the casters,
expressing the fact that wheelchairs go beyond being mere machinery to join with the human body in a true partnership.



" A normal wheelchair is made with the basic purpose of supporting the movement of those with mobility issues.
However, for the Taurs, with addition to this basic purpose of support,
it also has an aesthetic function whereby the body comes together with the device and
thus adds richness to the lives of those who use it.
The seat encases the body of the user like a shell while the nude-coloured frame and
leg rest correspond well to a person's legs and feet.
Instead of looking like an apparatus, this wheelchair has an organic resemblance to a person's body.
It acts like a partner, living together with the user."
— Tamae Hirokawa —


AKIHIRO NAGAYA(Manager of design division at Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.) × TAMAE HIROKAWA(SOMA DESIGN)

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