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Concept Models

Featured discussion of concept models from a design perspective.


Tokyo Motorshow 2017

Tokyo Motorshow 2017
響きあう未来へ Yamaha Future Garage

The inexplicable desire to touch,
to treasure, to experience the future
is what defines the next generation of Yamaha Monozukuri.

A place exists where our passion and technology can find
and connect with you through our creations.

All you have to do is open the door
to Yamaha’s garage of the future.

Tokyo Motorshow 2015

A machine that resonates within you.
A machine that resonates together with you.
That is what Yamaha seeks to create.

Technology that resonates in tune with your perceptions,
synchronizes with your heart and will,
and brings the fun of riding to people in ways that can’t be predicted from just desktop numbers and data.

Moments when products seem to effortlessly transcend the limits of a machine,
like when the finest instrument in the hands of a virtuoso begins to create magnificent music.

Machines that resonate and strike a vibrant chord in the hearts of each and every individual.
Each radiates a uniqueness that rises together in harmony like an orchestra ― this is the moment when new Kando is born.

Tokyo Motorshow 2013

The concept behind the Yamaha booth is a "high-quality feel that projects the essence of Yamaha
while exuding a sense of a creative existence in a space that draws one in subconsciously with an appeal to intellectual curiosity".
The booth strikes a dynamic harmony between an original design using blue fins,
the exhibition models, and technology.

The vibrant design of the space is the embodiment of "Refined Dynamism",
the Yamaha design philosophy.

GEN Series

"GEN" concept models captivate and stimulate emotions by giving visual expression to new values with design that serves as a "Genesis" and continues to “Generate” ideas and creative directions.

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