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Yamaha Motor to Consolidate and Relocate Production Roles of Factories Near HQ — Pursuing greater productivity and market adaptability —

February 12, 2021

IWATA, February 12, 2021—Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced that it has decided to consolidate and relocate the motorcycle production roles of the Hamakita and Nakaze factories (both in Hamamatsu City) to the Iwata Main Factory. The Company has been reallocating the production duties of its Iwata Main Factory and other surrounding factories since 2020 with the aim of improving production efficiency and market adaptability as part of a global structural reform of its production bases. The consolidation and relocation work for these two factories will begin in stages from 2022 and is scheduled for completion in 2024. In addition, this consolidation and relocation will bring the number of motorcycle and marine engine production bases around the headquarters from the current six to five.

Consolidation and Relocation Overview

Hamakita Factory: Consolidation of production operations
Machining of iron parts for motorcycle and marine engine products will be relocated to the Iwata Main Factory and other surrounding facilities. The Hamakita Factory is scheduled to be closed and sold once the transfer is complete.
Nakaze Factory: Consolidation of resin coating operations
Resin coating operations for motorcycle parts will be consolidated at the Iwata Main Factory.

Consolidation and Relocation Effects

This consolidation and relocation will help facilitate the construction of multi-purpose and automated lines, enabling greater adaptability to market changes as well as better response to the needs of a wide variety of products.
Consolidation around the Iwata Main Factory vicinity will reduce physical lead-times and further shorten the lead-times for supplying products to markets.
The consolidation of production roles and operations is expected to yield across-the-board efficiency improvements for production-related activities.
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