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Yamaha Motor Begins Evaluation Trial of Low-Speed Autonomous Driving Vehicles in Iwata City

June 27, 2019

IWATA, June 27, 2019-Yamaha Motor and the Iwata City Council today announced the beginning of an evaluation trial on public roads of low-speed autonomous driving vehicles.
This trial is based on the “Partnership Agreement for Low-Speed Autonomous Driving Technology Evaluation Trials within Iwata City” concluded in October last year, and has two objectives: firstly, functional evaluation of and ascertaining issues with
autonomous driving systems, and secondly, consideration of the driving environment working toward rollout of low-speed autonomous driving vehicles.

Low-Speed Autonomous Driving Image

Comment from Mr. Osamu Watanabe, Mayor of Iwata City

“With the onset of the decreasing birthrate, aging population, and declining population overall, it is predicted that the operational environment for public transportation - a key part of community mobility - will become even more adverse. Given these trends, we are very pleased that this evaluation trial of low-speed autonomous driving vehicles is beginning in Iwata City, as this technology is anticipated to create a new form of public transportation. We hope that this trial will establish the feasibility of low-speed autonomous driving technology, and thus play a role in resolving community public transportation issues and increasing resident convenience in daily life.”

Comment from Mr. Yoshihiro Hidaka, President and Representative Director of Yamaha Motor

“I would like to take the opportunity with the commencement of this evaluation trial to thank the local residents of Iwata City and everyone concerned with this initiative, who have given us invaluable support. This initiative forms part of “ART for Human Possibilities, Rethinking Solutions,” one of the Company's medium- to long-term growth strategies. By offering land cars which move at a gentle pace - and which are capable of autonomous driving - as a last-mile mobility solution, we aim to expand the possibilities of low-speed mobility, and also contribute to addressing a variety of transport-related issues which are becoming apparent, such as maintaining public transportation in mountainous and depopulated regions and the advancing aging of drivers.”

Overview of Trial

Trial period Two years from July 2019
Trial location Around Mikuriya Station (planned for opening) Iwata city, Shizuoka, Japan
Distance to be traveled Maximum of 4.2 km
Trial vehicles Electric small and low speed PPMs (Public Personal Mobility) - public road specification land cars
Trial objectives (1) Functional evaluation of and ascertaining issues with autonomous driving systems
(2) Study of the driving environment working toward rollout of low-speed autonomous driving vehicles
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