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Yamaha Motor Launches Free Go in Indonesia, Family Scooter Combining Practicality and Elegant Style

November 1, 2018

IWATA, November 1, 2018—Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo:7272) today announced the launch of the new Free Go family-oriented scooter in the Indonesian market from November 2018.

Powered by a BLUE CORE1 125cm3 engine, the Free Go was developed based on the concept of a “compact scooter for family comfort,” and balances elegant styling with highly-usable, practical performance. Main features include 1) a BLUE CORE engine which is light in weight and produces low vibration enabling more comfortable riding, 2) a Smart Motor Generator which combines startup with power generation functionality to deliver quieter starts while also reducing power generation loss, 3) an amply-sized and highly-comfortable 720mm-long seat, 4) a front fuel port, removing the need to open and close the seat when refueling, 5) generous large-capacity (approx. 25L) under-seat storage space, and 6) LCD instruments exuding a sense of both high quality and innovation.

In addition to the standard model, variants include the I Version with the Stop & Start System2 and the Smart Key system, as well as the A Version that includes ABS brakes.

The Indonesian motorcycle market has a total scale of approximately 5.8 million units3 annually, of which the scooter market accounts for approximately 4.8 million units4. Broadly dividing the market into three segments based on price range - basic, standard, and premium - the Free Go was developed to target fathers aiming to step up from the basic segment. As a scooter which is fun for everyone yet reliable, the Free Go satisfies the demands of fathers wanting the very best for their family.

The Free Go is manufactured and marketed by group company PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

1: BLUE CORE has been promoted by Yamaha Motor since 2014 as an engine design concept which takes riding enjoyment, fuel efficiency and environmental performance to all-new levels. The Free Go engine has also been developed based on the BLUE CORE approach of achieving performance by focusing on high combustion efficiency, high cooling performance, and loss reduction. Trademark registration 5676267
2: Stop & Start System: Yamaha Motor name for Idle Stop/Start mechanism
3, 4: According to 2017 survey by local industry groups

Free Go S (Indonesian model)
Model Launch Timing Recommended Retail Price Target Sales
Free Go (LTK125) November 2018 18,500,000 rupiah
(Jakarta dealership price)
100,000 units
(one year from release, in Indonesia)
Free Go S (LTK125-I) 19,700,000 rupiah
(Jakarta dealership price)
Free Go S (LTK125-A) 22,500,000 rupiah
(Jakarta dealership price)
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