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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Saitama City Cooperate for the “E-KIZUNA Project Agreement”

July 5, 2017

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Saitama City have today reached the following agreement regarding joint initiatives to promote the “E-KIZUNA Project.”
Details of the initiatives are to be determined through discussions between the two parties, and announced accordingly.
Both parties will also continue to work on new initiatives necessary to advance this project.

1. Focal Cooperation Items

■Looking into ways to promote the spread of electric motorcycles (“EV motorcycles”)
As they are environmentally friendly, emit little noise, and do not use fossil fuels, EV motorcycles are recognized as the “next-generation mobility with strong potential for the future.” Consideration will therefore be given to the following measures:
(1) Development of effective PR methods and the provision of test-ride opportunities of EV motorcycles
(2) Building new business models leveraging EV motorcycles

2. Points of Focus

■Building a charging “safety net” with consideration of the following:
 - EV charging services utilizing existing infrastructure
 - A new safety net utilizing the features of removable batteries

■Creating demand and providing incentives by considering the following:
 - Mobility services utilizing EV motorcycles
 - Promotion of the use of EV motorcycles for official vehicles and commercial vehicles, etc.

■Community-based awareness initiatives including consideration of the following:
 - Holding of EV motorcycle test-ride events, safe riding courses, etc.
 - Safe riding awareness initiatives for children such as through family test-ride events

“E-Kizuna Project Agreement” Signing ceremony
Left: Hiroyuki Yanagi, President and Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., LTD
Right: Hayato Shimizu, Mayor of Saitama City
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