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Yamaha Motor Delivers 6,000th Yamaha School Pool 42 Years of Pool Business, 38 Years of School Pool Manufacturing

June 1, 2016

IWATA, June 1, 2016—Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) today celebrated the dispatch of the company’s 6,000th school pool (sized 20 m and larger), which was sent out from the Arai Site in Kosai, Shizuoka. To mark this special occasion, a ceremony was held with Mr. Toshizumi Kato, Chief General Manager of Vehicle & Solution Business Operations; Mr. Atarashi Rokuro, Senior General Manager of Pool Business Development Section, Business Development Operations; and 80 Pool Business promotion staff members in attendance.

The 6,000th school pool is a 50 m race version headed to the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus of Ritsumeikan University. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of July, joining a 25 m regulation-size pool that was dispatched earlier on May 11.

Yamaha Motor Pool Business commercialized Japan’s first all-FRP pool in 1974, leveraging the company’s FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) technology which had accumulated outstanding results in boat development and manufacturing, and began sales of 25 m school pools in 1978. To date, approximately 38,000 pools have been delivered, which includes pools for public facilities and elementary and junior high schools, as well as those for leisure facilities, kindergartens, nursery schools, and sports facilities.

In recent years, Yamaha Motor has moved into pool renewal work through the application of its FRP technology to deteriorating concrete pools, pools for the elderly and physically disabled to help maintain health in a peaceful environment, and also the management and operation of public facilities such as Dekapathos (Kobe, Hyogo) and Amagasaki Sports Forest (Amagasaki, Hyogo).

Ceremony celebrating dispatch of 6,000th school pool
Ceremony celebrating dispatch of 6,000th school pool
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