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Announcement concerning the formulation of the “Yamaha Motor’s Corporate Governance Guidelines”

December 23, 2015

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces that, the formulation of the "Yamaha Motor's Corporate Governance Guidelines" was resolved at the Board of Directors meeting held today.

1. Objective of formulation

The main objective of the "Yamaha Motor's Corporate Governance Guidelines" are to clarify the Company's basic policies and framework on its corporate governance, in order to achieve sustainable growth and enhancement of medium- to long-term corporate value of the Company, respecting the "Corporate Governance Code" stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2. Structure of the Corporate Governance Guidelines

Chapter 1 Ensuring shareholders' rights and equality, and basic views on dialogue with shareholders
Chapter 2 Appropriate collaboration with various stakeholders
Chapter 3 Appropriate information disclosure and ensuring transparency
Chapter 4 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc.
Attachment 1 Standards for selecting independent outside officers
Attachment 2 Policies to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders

We will continue to prioritize the issue of strengthening and establishing its corporate governance as its most important management task, in order to build up trust with its stakeholders.

"Yamaha Motor's Corporate Governance Guidelines" For the full text, please visit our website

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