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Yamaha Motor Releases the new sporty multipurpose model MT-09 TRACER for the European market, Realizing the company's Platform Strategy further with a variation of the MT-09

November 4, 2014

IWATA, November 4, 2014 – Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo:7272) announced today that the new MT-09 TRACER – a variant based on the popular MT-09 sports model powered by an 850cc in-line three-cylinder engine – will be released in the European market in early March 2015.

The new MT-09 TRACER is based on the current MT-09 model that is popular for its ability to respond as the rider intends and powered by an in-line three-cylinder Crossplane Concept engine. The MT-09 TRACER was developed under the concept of a “Sporty Multi-use Bike” and is intended to provide sporty yet comfortable riding in a variety of situations, including urban riding and touring.

Main features include 1) a Traction Control System (TCS) that provides comfort even when traveling longer distances, 2) fairing and handle-cover based on the layered design concept that emphasize the motorcycle's ability to cover the distance with luggage in comfort, 3) an adjustable handlebar, seat, and windshield to suit rider preferences, 4) a multi-functional instrument panel that offers good visibility, and 5) full LED headlights.

As part of its medium-term management plan (in effect since 2013), Yamaha Motor has been active in expanding variations based on a basic platform. The company will continue to carry out platform-based model developments in the future in a bid to offer products that provide diversity, uniqueness, and novelty.

MT-09 TRACER (2015 European Model)
Model MT-09 TRACER (Matte Grey, Red, Matte Silver)
Launch Date Early March 2015
RRP 9,499 EUR (Suggested retail price in Europe)
Target Sales 5,500 units (first full year from time of release, in the euro area)
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