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"Communications-linked Next Generation Vehicle Application" service starts.A smartphone application for more enjoyment from life with a motorcycle

March 22, 2013

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the launch of a free smartphone application*1 named the "Communications-linked Next Generation Vehicle Application" with services to provide information useful for all aspects of the motorcycling lifestyle. Scheduled to start today, this application and its services are currently available for iPhone*2 users.

The launch of this application and its services is another important step in the realization of the "Communications-linked Next-generation Vehicles" initiative being pursued in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation towards building a new mobility society of the future as announced in November 2011. The application utilizes the "Toyota Smart Center" energy management system to provide access to consolidated information and services.

The Communications-linked Next-generation Vehicles Application includes a 2-wheeler-specific "Bike NAVI" system that operates with simple turn-by-turn directions displayed on the smartphone screen along with voiced guidance, and a "NAVI Operator" function that connects the rider via telephone to an operator that will find the rider's desired destination and upload the route to the application. With these and other functions, it supports the rider's motorcycling life with convenient content that is useful during touring, etc. and information to aid in machine maintenance.
Furthermore, thanks to the information provided by the Nippon MotorCycle Association (NMCA), the application can display the locations of 2-wheeler parking facilities and allows the rider to select them as destinations in the "Bike NAVI" system.

Since the joint development of the Toyota 2000GT sports car launched in 1967, the cooperative relationship between Toyota Motor Corporation and Yamaha Motor has continued to grow into a wide range of other cooperative projects including the development and manufacture of high-performance engines as well as various peripheral components. Going forward, the two companies will continue to strengthen their collaborative efforts in new fields aimed at building a next-generation mobility society of the future beginning with the Communications-linked Next-generation Vehicles system.

Downloads of the application are free, but fees are required for the "Bike NAVI" and "NAVI Operator" services. The phone owner is also responsible for the payment of any telephone/data fees.

As of March 2013, the application is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models (iOS 4.3 or later). "iPhone" is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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Communications-linked Next Generation Vehicle Application website (Japanese only):

The Communications-linked Next Generation Vehicle Application will be exhibited at the 40th Tokyo Motorcycle Show at the Tokyo Big Sight exposition center (Koto Ward, Tokyo) from March 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2013.

Main Communications-linked Next Generation Vehicle Application Services

"Bike NAVI" (fee required)

This navigation system selects routes to destinations and provides guidance based on the category of motorcycle.
It operates on a turn-by-turn navigation system employing the smartphone display and voiced directions. The application also contains maps so that it can still be used for navigation in areas with unstable connections.
A voiced notice is automatically made to the rider in the case of rainfall or snowfall forecast on the navigation route in use.
*Fee: \450 / 90 days (\85 / 90 days during the campaign period of March 22 to May 6, 2013)

"NAVI Operator" (fee required)

Destinations are searched via a telephone link to an operator. Destination selection and setting is simple and free of detailed operations.
*Fee: \350 / 30 days (\30 / 90 days during the campaign period of March 22 to May 6, 2013)

2-wheeler parking facility search

Users can search for 2-wheeler parking facilities nationwide from information provided by the Nippon MotorCycle Association (NMCA). The 2-wheeler parking facility selected can then be input as a destination for the "Bike NAVI" system.

Recommended spots

A list of recommended spots is available as destinations to set when riding a motorcycle or PAS electrically power assisted bicycle.

Fueling, mileage

The application makes it possible to record the odometer reading at time of refueling, amount of fuel added and price. This then calculates and displays changes in mileage.


The application also enables owners to keep a running record of "Basic Machine Information" and a "Maintenance Record" for additional convenience in managing information about the state of their machine.

Spot search

Spot searches (restaurants, shops, etc.) can be made on the application's internal map or by category. Selected destinations can then be input into the "Bike NAVI" system.

Dealer search

Searches can be made for dealerships handling Yamaha motorcycles. The dealership selected can then be input as a destination for the "Bike NAVI" system.

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