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Release of the "BOLT" North American-market cruiser model

March 11, 2013

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the release of the new "BOLT" cruiser model mounting a 950cc air-cooled V-twin engine on a slim and compact chassis. The model will be released on the North American market in late April 2013.

Under the concept of being the "Best for Urban Riding Fun," the new BOLT was developed as a next-generation under-1000cc cruiser model for the North American market, where about half of the motorcycle market's overall annual demand of roughly 500,000 units is in the cruiser category.*
This is the first model announced for 2013 that realizes the "broadening of motorcycle product lines in developed markets" as outlined in Yamaha Motor's new medium-term management plan (spanning three years from 2013).

Based on the current XVS950A, the BOLT's main feature is its outstanding acceleration and a light, responsive feeling to the ride in low-speed range usage common to urban areas, achieved thanks to its engine with a completely redesigned intake/exhaust system, remapped fuel injection settings and more, and a newly designed slim and compact chassis. Also, the machine's strong "concentrated mass" styling and finishing touches that create a raw and metallic feel throughout gives its simple layout an expression of immense strength.

Furthermore, there is an "R Spec" model that brings an even sportier image to the standard model and comes with 1) special tank graphics, 2) rear shock absorbers with reservoir tanks and 3) a buckskin-styled seat cover material.

*Yamaha Motor surveys, 2012 results

"BOLT" (North American market model)
Standard model
"BOLT" (North American market model)
R Spec
Model name: BOLT
Release date: Standard model - Late April 2013 / R Spec - Late July 2013
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: Standard model - 7,990 USD / R Spec - 8,290 USD
Sales target: 6,000 units (first year from time of release)
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