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Release of the new "JUPITER Z1" for the Indonesian market. Featuring fuel injection and further evolved running performance and economy

July 25, 2012

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the release of the new "JUPITER Z1," mounting a 115cc fuel-injected engine. The model will be introduced into the Indonesian market in late July 2012. Along with the Indonesian market introductions of the automatic transmission commuter model “Mio J” in February and the “SOUL GT” in April, the "JUPITER Z1" is another model that is a part of Yamaha Motor's medium-term growth strategy* to strengthen product competitiveness, appeal and profitability in the ASEAN motorcycle market.

The "JUPITER Z1" inherits and evolves the basic performance, outstanding running performance and sophisticated design of the current "JUPITER Z" and newly adopts fuel injection and more for improved economy and cost performance. Additionally, the smooth feel to the ride, great response and more makes for a model with excellent running performance for users to enjoy. The exterior has also been completely redesigned to bring out an even sportier, high-quality look to the styling.

Manufacturing and marketing of the new model will be done by group company PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

*Medium-term management plan: One of the four growth strategies in Yamaha Motor's 3-year (2010-2012) medium term management plan is strengthening product competitiveness, appeal and profitability in the ASEAN motorcycle market. This aims to be accomplished by enhancing product appeal by (1) increasing the ratio of models featuring a fuel injection system and (2) increasing profitability through reducing the cost of fuel injection systems and the benefits of larger scale production.


"JUPITER Z1" (2012 Indonesian market model)

Model name:


Release date:

Late July 2012

Manufacturer's suggested retail price:

15,100,000 IDR
(with cast wheels, on the road price in Jakarta)

Sales target:

240,000 units (annual, in Indonesia)

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