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Developing Human Resources for Global Leadership

January 12, 2012

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is currently pursuing aggressive initiatives to educate and nurture personnel for positions of global responsibility in the worldwide Yamaha Motor group in line with developments in its growing global business. This includes increasing the number of local employees at overseas group companies into the ranks of top management, heightening communication between group employees in Japan and abroad and accelerating the rate of overseas work experience among Japanese employees.

Global Executive Committee (GEC) established


The role of the newly established GEC is to promote a shared understanding of Yamaha Motor's management principles and corporate DNA among top management of the global group's main companies along with serving as a platform for discussion on group management policies and global business strategies. This motion seeks to build and develop a sense of solidarity as members of the Yamaha Motor group. The GEC is scheduled to meet twice a year starting in 2012, with executives from major overseas bases (including local personnel) and from Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. attending.

Educating the next generation of leaders


Initiatives to nurture the next generation of global executives with shared management principles



Global Executive Program (GEP) launched



Building primarily on the foundation of the Yamaha Business School program used thus far for the education of YMC employees in Japan, this initiative aims to nurture the next generation of executives to lead the global Yamaha Motor group.
Beginning with shared understanding of Yamaha management values and DNA, these future leaders will be taught and trained in the knowledge and skills needed for global management. In the end, they will reach a level where they will be offering proposals on issues and solutions to top management from a global perspective. This Program will begin in 2012 and will train participants over 18-month terms. In each term, approximately 15 personnel with the potential to assume positions in top management of group companies in Japan and abroad will be trained.



Increasing the ratio of regional personnel in top management



Concerted efforts will be made to raise the ratio of local personnel holding executive positions in the Yamaha Motor group's regional bases from the current 50% (approx.) to a level of about 80% in the future.

Accelerating training of personnel for global responsibility


Until now, Yamaha Motor has made concerted efforts to nurture personnel with the abilities to assume positions of global responsibility in the group by providing opportunities for overseas training and study programs to gain experience in foreign markets. Now a program has been initiated to give more personnel this experience at an earlier stage in their careers.
Currently, about 50% of YMC employees gain experience overseas between the time they enter the company and the age of 30. The new program aims to have 100% of YMC employees gain overseas experience by their fourth year in the company.
The program's aim is to supplement the other training new employees receive with overseas experience that provides them with a stronger balance of "ability to perform work responsibilities," "management capabilities" and the "understanding of foreign cultures" necessary for personnel in positions of global responsibility. Furthermore, the program seeks to accomplish this at an earlier stage in the employee's career.

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