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Additional Relief Support for Regions Struck by the Eastern Japan Earthquake

March 17, 2011

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. wishes to express its sincere condolences for the victims of the devastating Eastern Japan Earthquake.
As another part of Yamaha Motor's contribution for aiding the recovery of the affected regions, the following items of support will be added to our initial aid package.

We will continue to consider and initiate further contributions as the relieve efforts require.

Contribution of aid items


Drinking water

4,000 bottles (1.5ℓbottles)



170 blankets


Portable toilets

5,400 pieces

In addition to the aid items mentioned above, Yamaha Motor will immediately dispatch 139 PAS electrically power assisted bicycles to the stricken areas in response to emergency conditions. This decision to send PAS bicycles is due to the present shortage of gasoline for motorized vehicles in the region and the difficulty of automobile use in many areas because of blocked roads, which have led to an increasing number of requests for bicycles received at local government offices.

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