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The World's First Anti-vibration Chassis Damper for Motorcycles

March 15, 2011

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has newly developed a motorcycle-specific version of its anti-vibration damper for automobile chassis and will release it in Europe on April 20, 2011 as an optional accessory for the Yamaha TMAX. It is the World's first mass-produced motorcycle chassis anti-vibration damper.

Yamaha Motor first proposed the Performance Damper in 2000, and since its first use as a production unit for mounting automobile chassis in April 2004, it has helped boost cornering performance and comfort on a variety of select automobile models.

The product name of this anti-vibration damper for motorcycle chassis is the "YAMAHA POWER BEAM". It has been developed specifically for the Yamaha TMAX, the automatic transmission super sport scooter popular primarily in the European markets. It has been developed to absorb motorcycle chassis torsion and vibration with the same effectiveness as the acclaimed Yamaha Performance Damper for automobiles in order to offer a ride with a greater feeling of stability.

Features of the YAMAHA POWER BEAM

Normally, there is a small degree of flexing that takes place in the frame of a motorcycle when in motion. The metal frame of a motorcycle is in fact an elastic body with little damping capacity with regard to this flexing, so it fully receives the external forces that cause flexing (distortion) and then releases them in cycles of flexing that occur at specific frequencies.
The new YAMAHA POWER BEAM adds damping capacity at one point on the frame to absorb the energy of these flex-inducing external forces and release it as heat energy. This inhibits the otherwise extremely high-speed flexing of the frame to provide a more comfortable ride and a greater sense of stability.


YAMAHA POWER BEAM (optional accessory)

Applicable Model

European market model TMAX,
Model code 4B5, Model year 2008-2011
(Only for the current models)

Release Date

April 20, 2011 in Europe

Yearly Sales Plan

600 units

image image


European market model TMAX

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