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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Situation in Wake of Eastern Japan Earthquake

March 14, 2011

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. wishes to express its sincere condolences for the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan's northeastern seaboard, and to extend its deepest sympathy to the bereaved families.
Concerning the effect on Yamaha Motor we offer this report on the present situation regarding employee safety, factory and facility damage and immediate corporate operating plans.

The following information is current as of 9:00 a.m. March 14 (Mon.), 2011


Damage in the earthquake area


Personnel safety


Yamaha Motor and group company employees: It has been verified that one sales company employee was injured. All other Yamaha Motor and group company employees are safe and unhurt.


Dealerships and Marina facilities: An emergency response team has been established to confirm the extent of the damage.


Factories, facility conditions


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.: There has been no damage to factories or facilities in the earthquake area. At the Yamaha Motor's comprehensive Motor Sports facility operated by SUGO Co., Ltd. nearest the earthquake epicenter (Miyagi Pref.) there is no visible damage to the buildings but sections of road on the grounds have caved in.


Dealerships and Marina facilities: An emergency response team has been established and is currently investigating damage and reviewing support needs and possibilities.


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. operating plans


March 14 (Mon.)

All factories/offices are operating


March 15 (Tue.)

Decision to be made in morning meeting today (Mar. 14)


From March 16 (Wed.)

Decision pending


Electricity saving measures

Yamaha Motor group companies will cooperate in the electricity rationing (district blackouts) planned in the nationwide electric power network and will take thorough measures to save electricity by restricting industrial electricity use, heating in the office facilities, turning off the company nighttime neon signs, etc. All employees will also be asked to save electricity at work and in their homes as much as possible.


Community support

Decisions concerning provision of appropriate humanitarian and relief aid to the earthquake/tsunami stricken communities will be made following review of needs.

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