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Reductions in Remuneration for Directors and Executive Officers Continued

December 21, 2010

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (the "Company") has decided to continue into 2011 the reduced remuneration for Directors and Executive Officers implemented last year, as detailed below.
The Company will also continue to accept the Corporate Auditors' offer to forgo a portion of their remuneration.

1. Reduction of Directors' remuneration (continuing in 2011)
・No bonuses
・15 to 30% reduction in monthly remuneration
2. Reduction of Executive Officers' remuneration (continuing in 2011)
・No bonuses
・15% reduction in monthly remuneration
3. Corporate Auditors' voluntarily reduced remuneration (continuing in 2011)
・Forgoing 20% of their monthly remuneration


The reductions in the monthly remuneration of Directors, Executive Officers and Corporate Auditors described above are scheduled to remain effective from January 2011 through June 2011, after which they will be reviewed in light of business environment and results.

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