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Announcement of Personnel Changes Affecting Corporate Auditors

February 12, 2009

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the following changes involving Corporate Auditors, approved at the Board of Directors meeting, February 12, 2009.

1. New Corporate Auditor candidates (as of March 25, 2009)

Tsutomu Mabuchi

Full-time Corporate Auditor (current General Manager of Motorcycle Business Operations)

Tetsuo Kawawa Corporate Auditor* (Attorney)
  *Tetsuo Kawawa is a candidate for Outside Corporate Auditor.
Formal election of the new Corporate Auditor candidates is scheduled on approval of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held March 25, 2009.

2. Resignation of Corporate Auditor (as of March 25, 2009)

Hiroshi Tanaka

Scheduled to assume the position of Advisor

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