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October 24, 2007

FC-AQEL (Special exhibition model/prototype)

Power unit=Synchronous motor
Fuel tank capacity=4.7LX2

This is a fuel cell motorcycle mounting the "Yamaha Hydrogen Fuel Cell System" fueled by compressed hydrogen gas from a tank with a capacity of 35MPa. By adopting a hybrid system mounting a secondary rechargeable battery and metal separators in the fuel cells, it has been possible to achieve a compact lightweight design. The adoption of Yamaha's super-thin YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit) also improves environmental performance and increases ease of use as a commuter bike.

FC-Dii (Special exhibition model/prototype)

Dry weight=72kg
Power unit=Synchronous motor
Displacement=0.58kW (rated power output)
Maximum power=1.2kW/2,250r/min
Maximum torque=7.5 N•m/310r/min
Fuel tank capacity=3.6L

This model is a further evolution of the FC-me fuel cell motorcycle using a methanol-water solution with 54% methanol (by mass) as fuel, unveiled in Sept. 2005 with significant performance improvements. This new version is enhanced with new features including: (1) a Yamaha-exclusive compact cell stack that features the highest level of power density in the 1kW class, (2) a detachable lithium-ion battery for easy recharging, (3) modular design components, readily available parts and improved serviceability aimed at achieving practical use and (4) a fuel cell system which achieves a top-level performance of 30% system efficiency for a DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) system. The development of this model has been assisted with some funding from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

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