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Release of the new 2008 Yamaha flagship utility ATV model GRIZZLY 700FI With F.I. (fuel injection) engine and an E.P.S. (electric power steering) system for greater convenience

June 13, 2007

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces the release on the Japanese market of the new flagship utility model ATV, the "GRIZZLY 700FI," powered by a 700cc liquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder engine with F.I. (fuel injection) and adopting the first E.P.S. (electric power steering) system ever on a production ATV for the Japanese market to provide new levels of functionality and comfort in use.

The existing GRIZZLY 660 and GRIZZLY 125 will also be released as 2008 models with new body graphics.

The 2008 Yamaha utility ATV lineup now consists of three models including this new model Grizzly 700FI, which will be released as a 2008 model on July 15, 2007.

*ATV=All-Terrain Vehicle

Yamaha ATV "GRIZZLY 700FI"


Yamaha ATV "GRIZZLY 700FI"

Release date:

July 15, 2007


Pastel Deep Green

Market Background and Product summaries

With their characteristic low-pressure balloon tires, ATVs have the performance capability to tackle all kinds of off-road terrain, whether its unpaved or hilly ground, rock beds, sand, grass lands or frozen roads. That is why they are used for a wide range of uses from outdoor leisure and sport riding to transportation, hauling loads and patrol duties. In recent years the domestic demand for these vehicles in Japan is about 500 units annually (Yamaha survey).

Presently, Yamaha offers a lineup of eight ATV models ranging in engine displacement from 50cc to 700cc in the two basic categories of utility models designed for a variety of jobs and sports models designed for leisure sport riding.

The "GRIZZLY 700FI" now being released on the Japanese market was previously released in 2006 on the European and North American markets to high acclaim as the flagship utility model of the Yamaha ATV lineup.

It mounts a 700cc liquid-cooled SOHC, 4-valve single-cylinder engine with F.I. (fuel injection) on a newly designed frame and adopts the E.P.S. (electric power steering) system, along with other features inherited from the existing GRIZZLY 660 like the Yamaha-exclusive drive mode switching system and a fully automatic transmission. The result is a model that provides not only outstanding off-road running performance but also new levels of enjoyment, smoothness and comfort in use.

Main Features of the GRIZZLY 700FI

SOHC single-cylinder engine with F.I. (fuel injection)
The 700cc SOHC 4-valve, single-cylinder engine is equipped with F.I. (fuel injection) that enables stable fuel supply at all times and a single-axis balancer. This power unit delivers gutsy torque from the low-speed range and plenty of usable power on up, while also providing reduced vibration and quieter performance.

Yamaha exclusive drive and transmission systems
This model's "On-command" system allows the rider to switch between the three drive modes of 4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive and differential lock with a simple switch action. The "Ultra-matic" V-belt automatic transmission is another exclusive Yamaha system that provides stable engine-brake performance even on downhills.

E.P.S. for improved drivability and comfort

This model adopts the E.P.S. (electric power steering) system to provide smooth steering under all kinds of riding conditions. This ensures a ride with even more pleasing drivability.

Chassis designed for optimum weight distribution and reduced weight
A newly designed high-tensile steel frame and positioning the fuel tank below the seat have made it possible to optimize weight distribution while also achieving the lowest level of body weight in class. All of this contributes to outstanding handling characteristics.

New suspension design for outstanding off-road performance
The 4-wheel separate double wishbone suspensions with a newly designed rounded type A arm achieves a minimum ground clearance of 275 mm and wheel travel of 180mm for the front wheel and 230mm in the rear that contribute to excellent off-road running performance.

GRIZZLY 700FI Main Specifications

Overall length x width x height 2,065mm×1,180mm×1,240mm
Seat height 905mm
Wheelbase 1,240mm
Min. ground clearance 275mm
Dry weight 274kg
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder
Displacement 686cm3
Bore x Stroke 102.0mm×84.0mm
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Starting system Electric
Lubrication system Pressurized wet sump
Drive system Shaft
Engine oil capacity 2.4L
Fuel tank capacity 20.0L
Carburetion Fuel injection
Ignition system T.C.I.
Transmission type V-belt CVT, left-hand operated forward/reverse shift
Tread (Front/Rear) 940mm/915mm
Tire size (Front/Rear) AT25×8-12/AT25×10-12
Brake type (Front/Rear) Hydraulic disc×2/Hydraulic disc×2
Suspension type (Front/Rear) Double wishbone (independent)/ Double wishbone (independent)
Headlight 12V 35 W /35W×2

GRIZZLY 700FI Feature Map

2008 Yamaha Utility ATV Model Lineup *excluding GRIZZLY700FI

This model powered by a 660cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine is a hard-working vehicle used in forestry and ranching. Its drive system can be switched between 4WD, 2WD and differential lock with a single button operation. It also has a big carrying capacity.

Release date: July 15, 2007

With a highly maneuverable compact body powered by a 125cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine, this model has the same heavy-duty look as the GRIZZLY 660.

Release date: July 15, 2007

Main Specifications

Overall length x width x height 2,085  mm×1,150 mm×1,210 mm 1,700 mm×990 mm×980 mm
Seat height 880 mm 685 mm
Wheelbase 1,275 mm 1,080 mm
Min. ground clearance 275 mm 145 mm
Dry weight 272 kg 144 kg
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 5-valve Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder Single cylinder
Displacement 660 cm3 124 cm3
Bore x Stroke 100.0 mm×84.0 mm 49.0 mm×66.0 mm
Compression ratio 9.1:1 9.0:1
Starting system Electric Electric
Lubrication system Pressurized dry sump Pressurized wet sump
Drive system Shaft Chain
Engine oil capacity 2.2 L 1.45L
Fuel tank capacity 20.0 L 7.0L
Carburetion Carburetor Carburetor
Ignition system C.D.I. C.D.I.
Transmission type V-belt CVT, left-hand operated forward/reverse shift V-belt CVT, left-hand operated forward/reverse shift
Tread (Front/Rear) 925 mm/900 mm 695 mm/710 mm
Tire size (Front/Rear) AT25×8-12/AT25×10-12 AT20×7-8/AT22×10-8
Brake type (Front/Rear) Hydraulic disc×2/ Hydraulic disc×1 Mechanical drum×2/Mechanical drum×1
Suspension type (Front/Rear) Double wishbone (independent)/ Double wishbone (independent) Swing axle (independent)/Swinging arm (linked Monocross)-(Not independent)
Headlight 12V 30 W /30W×2 12V 30 W /30W×2

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