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Yamaha Motor Establishes a Motorcycle Sales Subsidiary in India

December 6, 2005

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) has established a subsidiary in Surajpur outside New Delhi for sales and after-sales service, specializing in Yamaha brand motorcycles. The new company opened its doors October 1, 2005, and will begin full-scale operations when it moves to its new building in the middle of December.

The new company is known as Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (YMIS). Its capitalization is 2 million rupees (approx. 5 million yen), of which 99.99% is paid in by Yamaha Motor and 0.01% by Yamaha Motor Asia Pte. Ltd. (YMAP), a subsidiary in Singapore.

The move will revamp Yamaha Motor’s motorcycle business in India. Previously, the Company’s subsidiary, Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. (YMI), manufactured, sold and serviced Yamaha brand motorcycles, but now the new company, YMIS, will take over the motorcycle sales and after-sales service functions. YMIS seeks to boost marketing capabilities, improve customer service, enhance the Yamaha brand image, and ultimately expand sales.

YMIS will have about 120 employees when the company launches full-scale operation. In the first year (fiscal 2006), it plans to sell approximately 300 thousand motorcycles, worth about 10.04 billion rupees (approx. 25 billion yen). After the realignment, YMI will concentrate on the production and export of motorcycles, while working to improve quality further and reduce costs.

Meanwhile, the Company established its first directly operated dealership in India, “YAMAHA ONE,” this October. The facility is Yamaha Motor’s first large-scale showroom (two stories above ground and one below ground) in India, and is designed to improve the brand visibility in the country and stimulate sales. Following the establishment of this flagship in Delhi, the Company plans to open four more dealerships in 2006, and five more in 2007. At the same time, the Company is restructuring the local dealership network, helping upgrade facilities for the 50 top dealers in sales volume, based on the “YAMAHA ONE” store design, to further strengthen their sales capabilities.

Yamaha Motor announced “restructuring the business foundation in BRICs” a key priority in its new medium-term management plan, NEXT50-Phase II, which runs from 2005 through 2007. Establishing the new sales subsidiary is a key part of the drive to restructure the motorcycle business foundation in India, and to boost marketing capabilities and enhance customer service.

Outline of Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (YMIS)

Name Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd.
Location Surajpur (UP state), India
Date of establishment August 2005
Start of operations October 2005
Representative Hiroyuki Yanagi
Capitalization 2 million rupees (approx. 5 million yen)
Ownership Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 99.99%
Yamaha Motor Asia Pte. Ltd. 0.01%
Employees Approx. 120
Business lines Sales and after-sales services of Yamaha brand motorcycles
Projected unit sales
First year (2006) Approx. 300 thousand units
2007 Approx. 360 thousand units
Projected annual sales volume
First year (2006)
Approx. 10.04 billion rupees
(approx. 25 billion yen)
2007 Approx. 12.05 billion rupees
(approx. 30 billion yen)

Note: Premised on an exchange rate of 2.49 yen against the rupee.

New YMIS/YMI company building

New YMIS/YMI company building (artist’s conception), scheduled for completion in December 2005


“YAMAHA ONE,” Yamaha Motor’s first directly operated dealership in India

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