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Yamaha Golf Car mounting large battery capacity "Turf Joy G31E" New Release

November 10, 2005

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) announces the release of a new manual drive battery type five-passenger electric golf car named the "Turf Joy G31E" and mounting a large battery capacity (8V x 6cells = 48V). Sales of this new model in Japan will commence from January 10, 2006 (advance orders taken from Nov. 10, 2005).
In order to meet the varied operating systems of different golf courses, this new "Turf Joy G31E" has been outfitted with enough battery capacity to provide plenty of power for two rounds of golf with one charging of the battery (*).

*Depending on use conditions

Yamaha Golf Car "Turf Joy G31E"


Yamaha Golf Car "Turf Joy G31E"

Release date:

Jan. 10, 2006

Sales plan:

500 units (annual, domestic)

Market Background and Summary

In Japan today there are approximately 2,400 golf courses, of which about 90% use golf cars (carts). Until now, the introduction and spread of golf car use has been a way for golf courses to attract customers and rationalize their operations from a business standpoint. From now on, the need for trade-in replacement sales is expected to grow around the key words of "improved golf car operations efficiency," "concern for environmental measures" and "more casual styles of golfing," and demand is expected to focus on models with even more functionality, comfort and advanced features.
In order to answer the needs of different types of golf course operating styles, the new Yamaha Golf Car Turf Joy G31E has been given a battery capacity sufficient to provide plenty of power for two rounds of golf on one charging (*). It also features the same long cabin design as the Yamaha golf car series released in January of this year and other unique, advanced Yamaha features like our "double wishbone type suspension" that provides a more comfortable ride like that of an automobile and a slide open/close type windshield to let in refreshing airflow through the cabin.

*Depending on use conditions

Main Features

Large battery capacity

By mounting six large-capacity 8V batteries (48V), this model has been given a battery capacity sufficient to provide plenty of power for two rounds of golf on one charging (*).

*Depending on use conditions

Slide open/close windshield

The windshield slides up and down to enable more pleasant riding by letting a fresh breeze into the cabin (on all 5-passenger series models).

Long cabin

This model features the largest cabin space in the industry to enable five passengers to ride in spacious comfort (on all 5-passenger series models).

Light steering

The steering has a light touch (on all 5-passenger series models).

Golf car special large diameter wide tires

Improved tire shape and tread pattern greatly reduces the effect on the grass from the drive force, braking and steering (on all 5-passenger series models).

Double wishbone type suspension

The adoption of a double wishbone type suspension contributes to a more stable ride on the various types of surfaces a golf car must run on. And, because of the reduced occurrence of uneven tire wear, the suspension maintains its top performance longer (on all 5-passenger series models).

Easy to use bag carrier

The bag carrier is positioned as low as possible for easier loading and unloading of the golf bags. The design also makes it easier to take out and return clubs to the bags while playing (on all 5-passenger series models).

Service access

The front and rear body panels have been designed for even easier removal to simplify the work of machine inspection and repair. This means greatly improved serviceability (on all 5-passenger series models).

Yamaha "Turf Joy G31E" Specifications

Overall length 3,558mm
Overall width 1,240mm
Overall height 1,860mm
Wheelbase 2,140mm
Tread front/ rear 965mm/973mm
Min. ground clearance 116mm
Dry weight 546kg (including battery)
Motor spec (rated) DC48Vshunt-wound motor
Motor rated output 2.8kW
Incline performance limit 20-degree incline climb/descend
Max. speed (flat surface, manual driven) 19km/h
Brake type Mechanical type 4 wheel drum
Parking brake type Pedal push and lock type
Tire size 190/50-12 4PR
Suspension front/rear Double wishbone/Linked type
Steering Rack & pinion, Light steering
Minimum turning radius 3.5m

Yamaha "Turf Joy G31E" Feature Map

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