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MT concept reappears in a big single Second wave "MT" series proposes a "Roadster- Motard " European model 2006 Yamaha Sports "MT-03"

Sept. 29, 2005

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) exhibits the 2006 "MT-03," a new model that proposes a "Roadster Motard" machine mounting a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, single-cylinder 4-valve, 660cc engine with fuel injection, at the "Paris Show" (Mondial du Deux Roues 2005) from October 1. This new model, which goes on sale in Europe in late 2005, is manufactured at Yamaha's Italian production base, Yamaha Motor Italia.

The keyword in the development of the "MT-03" was the same as that of the V-twin model "MT-01" that debuted on the European market in 2004, Kodo, the Japanese word for "heartbeat." The engine of the "MT-03" delivers excellent response and a wide torque range that in combination with its new design realizes a sharp, exciting riding experience.

2006 Yamaha Sports "MT-03" model


Yamaha Sports "MT-03"

Release date:

After October 2005
(Date to vary with the different European distributors)


White Metal, U-tech Blue, Midnight Black

Projected sales:

6,000 units (EU markets for 2006)

Market background and product summary

Calls from customers expecting new models with an "adult taste" have been heard in the European market, where annual sales of sports models stands at around 250,000 units. That call gave birth to the "MT-01" that debuted on the European market in 2005 with the development concept of a "Soul Beat V-twin Sports." It signaled the creation of a new field known as the "MT world," gaining new customers who appreciated the "ultimate taste" it delivered with its remarkable feeling of pulse and torque coming from its 1,670cc engine. Besides the enjoyment of the deep feeling of torque that only a machine with huge displacement could deliver, it also gained a zealous backing from enthusiasts for its feeling of agile yet bold performance.

This "MT-03" enables the rider to experience the moving "Kodo" feel of the MT world concept, harmonized with agile handling made possible by thoroughly concentrating its mass to create this exciting "Roadster Motard" machine.

Main characteristics


1) Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 660cc engine accentuates sense of pulse

The engine is based on the acclaimed XT660R/X liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, single-cylinder 4-valve, 660cc fuel injection engine that has had its torque characteristics optimized. With its extremely short stroke, bore x stroke 100 mm x 84 mm, and compact combustion chamber, it delivers maximum torque at 5,250 rpm and maximum power output at 6,000 rpm. To accommodate the big bore, each gear around the crank, main and drive shafts has been designed for optimal strength and size to ensure reliable performance. One characteristic of the design is the elimination of the kick axis to realize a compact crankcase that contributes to concentration of mass.

2) Optimized fuel injection calibration and large-capacity air cleaner
A new 5.9 liter large-capacity air cleaner box has been adopted to bring out the wide-range torque characteristics. Fitted on the right side of the machine, it realizes excellent intake efficiency and, at the same time, is one element that establishes the design presence of the machine.
Furthermore, fuel injection calibration has been optimized to bring out excellent torque characteristics in the low- to mid-speed range.

3) Aluminum oil tank contributes to mass concentration
A newly designed aluminum oil tank has been adopted to provide excellent oil cooling performance and mass concentration. It also contributes to optimization of the machine's front/rear weight distribution.

4) Mono-chamber up-slanted muffler adopted
In order to bring out a truly pulsating exhaust sound and good exhaust performance, an up-slanted mono-chamber muffler with dual-style pipe construction is adopted. The rear end is given a distinctive and attractive look.
A honeycomb catalyst is adopted inside the muffler; in combination with the fuel injection, it realizes environmental performance that clears European emission regulations (EU2) by a comfortable margin.


1) Newly designed diamond frame adopted

A newly developed diamond frame has been adopted to realize a strong visual presence for the body as well as agile handling. The combined effect of optimized dimensions such as a wheelbase of 1,420 mm, a trail of 97 mm, caster at 26 degrees, and front-wheel weight distribution at 52% provide superb handling.

2) 43mm inner tube front fork and side-mounted rear cushion unit
The front suspension adopts 43mm inner tubes for a full 130 mm of wheel travel to ensure both sharp handling and an extremely comfortable ride. On the other hand, the rear cushion unit is mounted almost horizontally on the right side close to the engine, improving on efficient use of the space around the linkage and at the same time, furthering the concentration of machine mass. The combined effect with the one-piece cast rear arm delivers superb suspension performance, while being one more point that emphasizes the distinctive body styling.

3) Other characteristics
Other features adopted include: (1) newly designed 5-spoke, 17-inch wheels; (2) 298mm double-disk, two-caliper front brake and 245mm disk rear brake; (3) compact headlight placed near the front fork, concentrating mass forward while providing a unique look; (4) 15-liter plastic resin fuel tank and (5) wide-type handlebars.

2006 Yamaha Sports "MT-03" model main specifications

Overall length x width x height 2,070mm x 860mm x 1,115mm
Seat height 805mm
Wheelbase 1,420mm
Dry weight 174.5kg
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder
Displacement 660cc
Bore x Stroke 100.0mm x 84.0mm
Compression ratio 10.0 : 1
Maximum power 33.4kW (45PS) / 6,000rpm
Maximum torque 56.2N•m (5.73kgf•m) / 5,250rpm
Starting system Electric
Fuel tank capacity 15liters
Fuel supply system ECU fuel injection
Tire size (Front / Rear) 120/70-17 / 160/60-17

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