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Release of the new Yamaha module type Surface Mounter "YG88" With dramatic improvement in mounting versatility and further advances in speed and accuracy

May 12, 2005

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.'s in-house company IM Company (Location: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.; President: Tsuneji Togami) announces the August 2005 release of the new surface mounter "YG88" as an upgraded version of the compact, high-speed, high-accuracy and low price surface mounter YV88Xg. The release of the new "YG88" completes a full lineup of models in the "YG" series that are the top-of-the-line models of Yamaha's "Xg" series surface mounters.

The new "YG88" adopts a triple head that makes possible the high-speed mounting of larger parts, achieving a tact time of just 0.48 sec./chip, which is 15% faster than the existing model. The platform and tray supply devices have been re-designed to accommodate a larger number of different part type, while also increasing the height of parts that can be handled to 25.5 mm. At the same time, it is equipped to accommodate the super-small 0402 size chips that expected to be used increasingly in the future. In addition to the adoption of the Yamaha-exclusive MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System) that is capable of maintaining a full-time placement accuracy of ± 50 microns and the FNC (Flying Nozzle Exchange) system, this model also mounts a "simple load weight control head" that functions effectively with pressure insertion and assembly of parts like connectors. These features give this new model boosted all-around performance in terms of speed, accuracy and versatility in accommodating a wider range of part types and sizes. At the same time, the increasingly important communications functions have been upgraded for fuller compatibility with IT technologies and the man-machine interface has been improved. Language compatibility has also been expanded to include Chinese and other languages.

Plans call for the new YG88 to be on display at the IM Company headquarters (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref.) and at Yamaha's Kanto Technical Center (Saitama City, Saitama Pref.) in the exclusive "2005 Yamaha SMT Road Show" exhibits.

Yamaha Module Type Surface Mounter "YG88"

Product name: Yamaha Module Type Surface Mounter "YG88"
Release date: August 2005
First-year sales plan: 200 units

Market Background and Product Summary

IIn the field of surface mounters, the machines used to mount electronic components on the printed circuit boards used in a wide range of electronic/electrical products today, from cell phones and PCs to digital home appliances, Yamaha Motor has continued to offer as its solution for manufacturers dealing with the increasing diversity of products and faster development cycles a line of module type surface mounters with high levels of multipurpose versatility that can be used with several units in line to create high-speed production lines. At the same time we have worked to increase the speed, reliability and operating efficiency of our mounters. However, recent years have seen increasing diversification of needs in the surface mounter market as manufacturers seek to lower equipment/facility costs and improve performance in the areas of space saving, energy saving, work efficiency, accuracy and ease of facility maintenance in order to achieve higher added value. In response to these needs, Yamaha has continued to develop the surface mounters of its "X" series and "Xg" to increasingly higher levels of performance with outstanding features.

To answer today's increasingly sophisticated market needs, the new YG88 has been developed to further strengthen the "high-speed, multipurpose module type surface mounter" concept of the existing "YV88Xg" model to achieve even higher levels of speed, part compatibility and ease of operation while maintaining the compactness and low price of the existing series models.

Main Features of the Product

(1) Improved versatility to handle a wider range of parts and boards


A new platform design has enabled a change in the feeder exchange spec that increases the number of types of chips that can be handled by 18% compared to the existing model. In terms of 8mm tape feeders that means an increase to 90. Also, when using tray feeders, the new platform can handle up to the width of 440mm without impairing with board.


The tray feeder mechanism has been newly designed to handle up to 50% more types of parts. And, by making the tray storage portion a magazine type, ease of set-up has also been improved.


Versatility has been greatly improved. Expanding the range of part sizes that can be recognized and mounted up to a maximum part Height of 25.5 mm and a width of 54 mm, the versatility of each mounter in terms of part sizes has been greatly increased.


Major strengthening of the "auto nozzle station" such as increasing the number of nozzle holders to three specialized Ф25 nozzles and adding adaptors to handle long nozzles and gripper nozzles, has made it possible to handle a larger variety of parts than ever before.


Addition of a "simple load weight control head" system has improved effectiveness in pressure insertion and assembly of parts like connectors.


A newly designed lighting for the part recognition system has improved recognition performance with parts such as mirror-like lead parts, while the new lighting for board mark recognition has made it possible to achieve good recognition even with solder levelers and flake boards.

(2) Pursuit of high-speed mounting


The adoption of a triple head has enabled high-speed mounting of larger parts (chips). The result is a 15% increase in mounting tact speed from 0.55 sec./chip to 0.48 sec./chip.

(3) Pursuit of high-speed board transfer


Switching from the conventional sequential circuit board transfer (flow) system to a conveyer system that moves all the boards at once has resulted in a big reductions in the time needed for board transfer and replacement.

(4) Pursuit of consistent high-accuracy mounting


For the basic structure, a high-durability high-precision monocoque frame is adopted. In addition to ensuring that high-precision is maintained during facility movement, it also helps maintain a high level of operating accuracy over long hours of use.


FEM structural analysis technology has been used from the design stage to ensure structural rigidity that reduces vibration.


The Yamaha MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System) has been adopted. This is a system that guarantees full-time mounting accuracy by performing comprehensive and multi-aspect accuracy compensation with regard to such accuracy-distorting factors as the limits of the part pick-up accuracy, temperature changes and discrepancies accumulating over time. This guarantees a consistent mounting accuracy to ±0.05mm all the time.

(5) Pursuit of flexibility


Adoption of the Yamaha-exclusive FNC (Flying Nozzle Exchange) system enables nozzle changing without sacrificing speed, thus enabling both flexibility and high-speed operation.

(6) Pursuit of the module concept


Using the existing models same mainstay components, such as the feeder mechanism, vision system and operation software has helped maintain a low product price.


The compact size of the unit becomes an advantage in terms of greater flexibility with regard to line restructuring made necessary by shorter product cycles and big changes in operating load.


IT options are provided for "improving operating efficiency" and "strengthening quality control."
Clients can select from "Chips-remaining counter," "Set-up verification," "Part lot tracing" and "Automatic set-up change" functions. (Optional)

Basic Robot Specifications

Item: YG88
Circuit board dimensions: L50 x W50 mm (min.) ~ L460 x W440 mm (max.)
Circuit board thickness: 0.4 ~ 3.0 mm
Board flow direction, speed: Right → left, U-turn (Left → right: optional)
Mounting accuracy: Chip ± 0.05 mm (µ+3σ ), Chip ± 0.03 mm (3σ )
Mounting tact: 0.48 sec./chip (under optimum conditions)
Mounting angle setting range: ± 180º at 0.01º increments
Number of part types: Tape parts 90 types (Max., with 8 mm tape/with 4-block feeder trolley)
Tray parts 60 types (Max., with dYTF, wATS)
Part supply systems: 8~56 mm width tape parts, stick parts, bulk parts, tray parts
Mountable parts dimension ranges: 0402 ~ 54 mm max.
Maximum mountable part height: 25.5 mm
External dimensions: Overall width: 1,650 x Overall height: 1,890 mm x Overall depth: 1,560 mm
Weight: Approx. 1,600 kg

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