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Participation in the 44th Tokyo International Boat Show

January 31, 2005

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) will mount a booth at the 44th Tokyo International Boat Show to be held from Feb. 10 (Thur.) to 13 (Sun.) at the Makuhari Messe (Chiba City).
The products to be displayed will center around Yamaha’s new 2005 model boats, the environment-friendly personal watercraft with cleaner emissions and our marine engine line. Counters will also be set up to introduce a variety of software aspects of YMC’s business that help make people’s marine life more enjoyable. In all, the Yamaha booth will give visitors a full picture of the appeal of marine leisure and Yamaha’s efforts to promote the spread of marine recreation, as well as showing the uncompromising pursuit of quality that goes into the products we build.
The theme of this year’s booth will be “The Sea − One-of-a-kind Weekends” and it is designed to be a space where as many people as possible can enjoy themselves and share in the discovery of the joys of marine leisure.


*Boats and booth layout shown here may be changed for some reasons.

Outline of the Yamaha Booth


“The Sea − One-of-a-kind Weekends”

Booth contents:

- Pleasure-use boats:


- Personal watercraft:

5 (excluding simulator rides)

- Outboard motors:

20 (including special exhibition models)

- Technology exhibit:

About the “Super Float” FOAMAP technology

- Others:

Marine related software, marine accessories, etc.

Yamaha Booth Contents


The boat display will feature exciting new “BAYSPORTS 21” fishing boat that adopts Yamaha’s new FOAMAP technology, a 3-layer structural material designed for the optimum in floatability in pursuit of unsinkable boat construction, and other new models like the “Yamaha 38 Convertible” and the “YF-27” that are attracting a lot of attention.

Personal Watercraft (Marine Jets)

The personal watercraft section highlights the new models “MJ-VX110DX” and “MJ-VX110SX” powered by a newly developed 4-stroke engine and designed for an exciting ride with light and sprite acceleration and nimble handling. Also on display is a “rescue spec” “MJ-FX160” specially outfitted as an example of how Yamaha WaveRunners are being used for surf rescue and patrol duties around the world today because of their outstanding speed and mobility. Visitors can also enjoy a virtual experience of riding a WaveRunner by trying out the simulator model.

Outboard Motors

On display here are 18 models from our lineup of 4-stroke models that embody Yamaha’s outboard motor ideal of light weight and compactness by achieving specs on par with 2-stroke models while offering the cleaner exhaust and quietness of a 4-stroke. You will also see a special exhibition model, the “F2A,” which is the smallest 4-stroke outboard ever at just 2 hp. From our 2-stroke lineup we display the bass-boat favorite VZ240 with Yamaha’s HPDI fuel infection.

Technology Display

This year, Yamaha Motor celebrates its 50th anniversary, and as a new technology worthy of this milestone year, we introduce our new super floatability material “FOAMAP” that will be central to a new era of Yamaha boat building. FOAMAP is a construction method in which urethane foam is injected at high pressure between FRP structural panels to create a 3-layer material with superior floatability and rigidity to FRP or sandwich type construction that will give boaters a greater sense of security, comfort and convenience in the best Yamaha tradition.

Software Corner

Counters here will offer information about boat license courses and “step-up” license training in line with the recent deregulation of licensing requirements. Information and registration service for Yamaha’s SRV boat rental club is also offered.

Accessories Corner

Many types of marine accessories like navigational equipment, fishing gear and safety goods that support your boating life are on display. One item of special interest to many boaters is the increasingly colorful line of “expanding life jackets.”

Press Briefing


Feb. 10 (Thur.) 11:30 to 11:50 AM.


Event stage at the Tokyo International Boat Show


YMC President Takashi Kajikawa, etc.


About the 44th Tokyo International Boat Show

- Dates

Feb. 10 (Thur.) to 13 (Sun.), 2005

- Venue:

Makuhari Messe Halls 1~3 (Mihama-ku, Chiba City)

- Hours:

10:00 ~ 17:00

- Admission:

1,000 yen for people high school age and over (free for middle school and under)

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