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Yamaha Motor Publishes Pamphlet on Social Activities "Creating New 'Kando' and Enriching People's Lives"

June 23, 2004

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has published a new pamphlet entitled "Creating New 'Kando' and Enriching People's Lives," which summarizes the company's basic policy regarding social activities and provides details of the efforts that it has made in this field up to now.

The goal of the pamphlet's publication is to promote a broader understanding of Yamaha Motor's social activities among persons outside of the company, and at the same time to encourage a deeper awareness of these social activities among Yamaha Motor employees as well. Since its founding nearly fifty years ago, Yamaha Motor has undertaken social activities on a global scale based on its Company Motto and its Corporate Philosophy, effectively utilizing the extensive management resources of the Yamaha Motor Group. With the publication of this pamphlet, the company will add new vitality to these diverse social activities, fostering a corporate environment and a corporate culture that enable active participation by each individual employee.

The pamphlet will describe Yamaha Motor's newly established "Basic Policy on Social Activities," and will introduce past social activities in seven main fields.

The "Basic Policy," which is based on Yamaha Motor's Company Motto and Corporate Philosophy, was established to facilitate the continued practice of "Social Activities" as one of the activities that reflects the company's social responsibilities. The seven fields mentioned above, which represent the key areas of Yamaha Motor's social activities, are: (1) Sports promotion activities; (2) Promoting safety; (3) Educational support activities; (4) Rescue activities in times of disaster; (5) Environmental activities; (6) International cooperation and assistance; and (7) Volunteer activities.
Notable examples of Yamaha Motor's social activities in Japan include: sports promotion activities, particularly in soccer, rugby, and fields related to Yamaha Motor's products; global environmental protection activities, such as the "'Welcame' Beach Cleanup Campaign" conducted in collaboration with various NPOs; and support for recovery efforts in times of disaster, using Yamaha generators, water supply equipment, and motorcycles. In terms of social activities outside of Japan, Yamaha Motor has continued to conduct a wide range of support activities aimed at providing richer lifestyles in regions throughout the world. Specific activities include the construction of water purification facilities in Indonesia, and the development and support of coastal fisheries in Africa.

This 26-page full-color pamphlet will be published annually starting from this year, and will be distributed to Yamaha Motor Group employees, as well as to government agencies and other outside parties.

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