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The Yamaha Booth for the 43rd Tokyo International Boat Show

January 29, 2004

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) will mount a booth to display its products at the 43rd Tokyo International Boat Show to be held from Feb. 5 to 8 at the Makuhari Messe exhibition site (Chiba City).
The products displays will be arranged with special emphasis on new models and will include our boats and environment-friendly personal watercraft, outboard motors with cleaner exhaust performance and new-concept boats employing the latest construction technologies. In addition, there will counters and corners introducing various software aspects of YMC’s marine activities such as promotional activities and introductions of new ways to enjoy the marine lifestyle.
Like last year, the theme of this year’s booth will be “The Sea – One-of-a-kind Weekends” with an overall focus on presenting the many joys of marine leisure.

layout or display boats

*There may be changes in the layout or display boats.

Outline of the Yamaha Booth


“The Sea – One-of-a-kind Weekends”

Booth contents:

Pleasure-use boats: 6 models (including 1 special exhibition model)
Personal watercraft: 5 models
Outboard motors: 10 models (including 2 form the 1960s)
Concept models, etc.: 2 models
Others: Marine wear, marine-related software, etc.

Yamaha Booth Display Contents and Details


YF-23SP (new), YAMAHA 41 CONVERTIBLE (new), UF-27I/B, YF-21CC, AG-21 F150, LUXAIR (special exhibition model)


Six Yamaha pleasure-use boats will be displayed. Introduced at this boat show for the first time will be a new 23-foot fishing boat model, the diesel engine fishing boat “UF-27I/B,” the 41-foot sport convertible model “YAMAHA 41 CONVERTIBLE” and the “AG-21” specially designed for wakeboard towing. Each of these and the other models on display are designed and full rigged for different types of marine recreation that will appeal to a wide range of customers. Also, as a special exhibition model you will see the Yamaha concept model “LUXAIR” which is designed as a new kind of salon cruiser.



Personal Watercraft:

MJ-FX160 Cruiser (new), MJ-FX160 (new), MJ-FX140, MJ-XL700, MJ-SJ700


The personal watercraft section will display five models including the new “MJ-FX160” mounting a newly developed 142 hp 4-stroke engine and its long-distance touring version, the “MJ-FX160 Cruiser” and the “MJ-XL700, which is designed as an ideal, easy-to-enjoy 3-seeter for entry-level riders and families. Visitors will also have the opportunity to try out a HMD (Head Mount Display) ride that enables you to actually sit on a personal watercraft and get a simulated experience of the thrill of riding one.



Outboard Motors:

4-strokes: F225A, F200A, F115A, F60A
2-strokes (HPDI): Z240A


On display here will be seven models from Yamaha’s lineup of lightweight, compact design 4-stroke outboards offering environment-friendly performance with cleaner exhaust and lower noise, and one of our 2-stroke models featuring Yamaha’s exclusive HPDI (High Pressure Direct Injection) fuel injection system. Also on display as models that epitomize Yamaha’s dedication the creation of reliable outboard motors will be the early “P3C” and “P7A,” the first models that helped Yamaha establish its presence in the important Asian market and win a reputation for unrivaled reliability.



Concept Models:

Foam-construction “16-ft. trailerable boat”
Autonomous Navigation System “UMV”


Two exciting special-exhibition concept models will be on display showing Yamaha’s newest technologies and proposals of systems for the near futureÅB




Boat License School, SRV Rental Boat Club, JMPF information


Counters have been prepared for getting out various types of information. In these corners visitors can get register for a boat license course or file for a license renewal, join Yamaha’s boat rental club as well as accessing all kinds of information about things like used boats, berthing facilities and events. There will also be a corner for the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation (JMPF) which YMC actively supports. Available here is information about the waterside activities organized and promoted by the foundation primarily for educators and school children.



Y’s Gear Corner:

Boat accessories, PWC accessories, navigational equipment, marine sporting goods, fishing gear, etc.


Many types of marine sporting goods and boat rigging equipment related especially to the models on display in the booth can be seen here along with suggestions for new types of marine recreation.

Press Briefing


Feb. 5 (Thu.) -11:20~11:45


Special meeting area in the Yamaha Booth


YMC President, Mr. Toru Hasegawa and others

The Yamaha Booth at the 2003 Tokyo International Boat Show

The Yamaha Booth at the 2003 Tokyo International Boat Show

About Participation in the “Japan International Sportfishing Exhibition”

YMC’s group company Yamaha Motor Marketing Japan Co., Ltd. will mount a booth displaying Yamaha outboard motors and aluminum boats at the “Japan International Sportfishing Exhibition” to be held concurrent with the Tokyo International Boat Show from Feb. 6 (press day on 6th) to 8.


About the 43rd Tokyo International Boat Show


Feb. 5 (Thu.)~8 (Sun.), 2004


Makuhari Messe Halls 1~3 (Mihama-ku, Chiba City)


Feb. 5 -13:00~17:00 (Press hour begins at 10:00)
Feb. 6~8 -10:00~17:00


1,000 yen for people high school age and over (free for middle school and under)

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