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The Yamaha Booth for the 42nd Tokyo International Boat Show

February 08, 2003

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) will mount a booth for the display of its products at the 42nd Tokyo International Boat Show to be held from Feb. 8 to 11 at the Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Koto Ward, Tokyo). The products to be displayed include new boats, personal watercraft and outboard motors. In addition, counters are prepared for providing information about such programs as the Yamaha Boat License Schools and our boat rental club. Also, a corner has been prepared for marine accessories of our affiliate, Y’s Gear Co., Ltd.
The theme of this year’s booth will be “The Sea - One-of-a-kind Weekends” and it is designed as a center for getting out information about all the hardware and software aspects of YMC’s marine activities aimed at providing rewarding weekends on the water for adults, children and families who love the sea.


Outline of the Yamaha Booth


“The Sea - One-of-a-kind Weekends”

Booth contents:

FRP boats: 10

Aluminum boats: 1

Personal watercraft: 5

Marine engines: 8

Sailboats: 1 (in the sailboat display area)

Marine accessories corner (Y’s Gear)

Other varied information counters

Dates and times:

Feb. 8 (Sat.) ~11 (Tue. and holiday), 2003
10:00 a.m. ~5:00 p.m. (Feb. 8 -11:00 a.m. ~)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo) East Halls 1~3

Yamaha Booth Model Highlights, Corner Descriptions

The Yamaha booth displays 10 boats from various kinds that seek to appeal to a wide range of visitors, from beginners to true boating veterans, including models like the popular fishing boat “YF-23” released in the autumn of last year, the “CR-33” cruiser designed to offer relaxed boating and the “AG-21” (AeroGear) specially designed for wakeboard towing.
The five personal watercraft on display are primarily environment-friendly models like the 4-stroke engine powered “MJ-FX140” and a cruising version of the same model, the “MJ-FX140 CRUISER.” You will also see the fuel injection 2-stroke “MJ-GP1300R” that achieves cleaner emissions comparable to a 4-stroke.
In the outboard motor section, we show four models each of our 2-strokes and 4-strokes that answer today’s environmental needs, like the new 240 hp 2-stroke “Z240A” with HPDI.
We have also set up information counters for programs like our boat license schools, where many inquiries are expected since the recent relaxation of the license requirements, and the continually popular Yamaha boat rental club. There are also attractions the whole family can enjoy, like a corner where visitors can get a virtual experience of the exciting PWC riding or sport fishing.
Another corner is set up for the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation, which YMC actively supports, presenting the menu of educational aids of its “Waterside Activities” program. Also introduced here is the Junior Yacht School program.

Display Models

Pleasure Boats (Ten FRP boats, one aluminum boat)





- Overall length: 11.27m - Overall width: 3.55m
- Engine horsepower: 198.6kW (270ps) - Passenger limit: 12

This cruising boat with its neo-classic design offers a pleasing marriage of the new and the nostalgic. With features like thrusters front and rear (rear optional) that enable sideward motion and a spacious cabin, this model seeks a new level of piloting ease and on-board living comfort. Also adopted for the CR-33 is a customizing system that offers choices of interior and exterior color schemes and exterior appointments to fit the customer's individual tastes.

CR-28 Twin EX



- Overall length: 9.80m - Overall width: 2.97m
- Engine horsepower: 121.4kW (165ps) x 2 - Passenger limit: 12

The CR-28 is highly popular as an under-5-ton class model with a flying bridge. In addition to improving handling performance by mounting two engines, the interior appointments are also richer, with additions like a soft leather sofa and marble table surface.




- Overall length: 6.03m - Overall width: 2.27m
- Engine horsepower: 58.8kW (80ps) - Passenger limit: 6

The Belfino is a multipurpose model that brings an abundant sense of volume and added conveniences like a fully enclosed toilet room to the 20-footer class. Its high popularity comes from the outstanding combination of on-board comfort, running performance and stability when at rest on the water.




- Overall length: 7.5m - Overall width: 2.55m
- Engine horsepower: 58.8kW (80ps) x 2 - Passenger limit: 10

With the adoption of Yamaha’s W.T.B. (Wave Thruster Blade = large-size skeg) this new model boat maintains aligned with the wind when drifting and provides a more comfortable ride. It features a spacious walk-around deck design that makes for easier movement between bow and stern during fishing. The aft deck has been made especially spacious to accommodate not only fishing but many kinds of marine leisure.


- Overall length: 6.45m - Overall width: 2.27m - Engine horsepower: 73.6kW (100ps) - Passenger limit: 6

Taking the hull of the popular Yamaha fishing boat UF-21CC as its base, this is a new fishing model featuring a hard top. Owners can choose between three types of outboards to power it.


- Overall length: 8.61m - Overall width: 2.70m - Engine horsepower: 165.5kW (225ps) - Passenger limit: 10

This fashionable full-fledged fishing boat features a large center console with a T top. Designed to mount an outboard up to the Yamaha F225A 4-stroke as the standard power unit, it offers not only greaterit offers not only greater fishing ease but outstanding running performance as well.

UF-21CC F100

- Overall length: 6.45m - Overall width: 2.27m - Engine horsepower: 73.6kW (100ps) - Passenger limit: 6

This is Yamaha’s popular center console type fishing boat. The hull has been strengthened to make it possible mount the 100 hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard “F100A.” A new windshield color has given a fresh appearance to the exterior.

Cobia 250WA (May release)

- Overall length: 7.70m - Overall width: 2.60m - Engine horsepower: 84.6kW (115ps) x 2
- Passenger limit: 10

Import sales of this popular brand built by the Yamaha Motor Corp., USA’s subsidiary C&C Manufacturing will begin in May 2003. The Cobia 250WA on display here features a sturdy hull with excellence wave-cutting performance. Besides its good functionality for fishing, its comfortable on-board living space makes it well suited for family boating as well. It is powered by twin 115 hp engines.

Quintrex 475 Topender (New)

- Overall length: 4.93m - Overall width: 2.03m - Engine horsepower: 36.8kW (50ps) - Passenger limit: 5

This is a saltwater model by Quintrex, a maker with a strong reputation for aluminum bass fishing boats. The combination of its unique V-shaped hull and flat overall form provides excellent course-holding performance plus a soft ride. It is a trailer-able boat that can be towed with a regular driver’s license.




- Overall length: 6.65m - Overall width: 2.30m
- Engine horsepower: 73.6kW (100ps) - Passenger limit: 8

This is a boat specially designed for the popular marine sport of wakeboarding. Mounting Yamaha’s 100 hp 4-stroke outboard, the F100A, it provides the speed and wake wave you want from a wakeboard tow boat. The distinctive styling is another attractive feature of this model and it is now available with new Gold coloring.


- Overall length: 11.48m - Overall width: 4.01m - Engine horsepower: 210kW (285ps) x 2
- Passenger limit: 12

This is new model of the CARVER line of luxury cruising boats that enjoy strong popularity in the USA. Its unique layout provides a sky lounge with a great view. With a flying bridge that seats six, this model boasts outstanding on-board living comfort.

Personal Watercraft (five models)



- Overall length: 3.34m - Overall width: 1.23m - Engine horsepower: 95.6kW (130ps) - Passenger limit: 3

Like the MJ-FX140, this model mounts the “MR-1” 4-stroke engine with its exceptionally clean emissions and low noise. This is a family cruising model with hip supports built into the seats for greater comfort in longer cruising.


- Overall length: 3.34m - Overall width: 1.23m - Engine horsepower: 95.6kW (130ps) - Passenger limit: 3

Released last year, this model is the first personal watercraft powered by a 4-stroke engine. In addition to its environment-friendly, quiet, fuel efficient engine, this model also boasts a new-design hull to bring out the best running performance as well.

MJ-GP1300R (New)



- Overall length: 2.93m - Overall width: 1.15m
- Engine horsepower: 115kW (156ps) - Passenger limit: 2

This new model features a fuel-injection 2-stroke engine. It combines high power and acceleration performance with quietness and clean emissions comparable to a 4-stroke.


- Overall length: 3.16m - Overall width: 1.22m - Engine horsepower: 106.6kW (145ps) - Passenger limit: 3

This model brings together the finest in Yamaha’s personal watercraft technology. Its body has an impressive sense of volume and the engine has plenty of power to match. This model has become the standard in the 3-passenger luxury class.


- Overall length: 2.24m - Overall width: 0.68m - Engine horsepower: 48.5kW (66ps) - Passenger limit: 1

This model is designed to handle the tricky full-bank turning performance that free-style riders hope for from a sporty stand-up model.

Outboard Motors (four 4-stroke, four 2-stroke models)



Yamaha 4-stroke outboards are built to be not only environment-friendly, quiet-running and fuel efficient but also lightweight and compact. Every year sees new additions to the Yamaha 4-stroke lineup that now ranges from 2.5 hp to 225 hp models.

- Transom height: 643mm (x) - Dry weight: 269kg
- Displacement: 3352cc - Max. output: 165.5kW (225ps)

- Transom height: 643mm (x) - Dry weight: 269kg
- Displacement: 3352cc - Max. output: 147.1kW (200ps)

- Transom height: 643mm (x) - Dry weight: 199kg
- Displacement: 1741cc - Max. output: 84.6kW (115ps)

- Transom height: 527mm (L) - Dry weight: 114kg
- Displacement: 996cc - Max. output: 44.1kW (60ps)



2-strokes (Z Series)
This series adopts the Yamaha-exclusive High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) system to achieve dramatic improvements in fuel economy and emissions while maintaining the strong points of the 2-stroke engine. Now, the new 240 hp model “Z240A” joins the lineup.

Z240A (New)
- Transom height: 641mm (x) - Dry weight: 247kg
- Displacement: 3342cc - Max. output: 176.5kW (240ps)

- Transom height: 643mm (x) - Dry weight: 222kg
- Displacement: 2596cc - Max. output: 128.7kW (175ps)

- Transom height: 643mm (x) - Dry weight: 222kg
- Displacement: 2596cc - Max. output: 110.3kW (150ps)

VMAX Series
The VMAX series models are designed specifically for the bass fishing market and enjoy a high reputation among professional anglers in the USA and in Japan. The most recent addition to this series is the newly developed 200hp “VZ200” with HPDI.

VZ200 (New)
Transom height: 516mm (x) - Dry weight: 222kg - Displacement: 2596cc - Max. output: 147.1kW (200ps)

Sailboat (One model displayed in the sailboat corner)



- Overall length: 7.99m - Waterline length: 7.50m- Overall width: 2.79m - Draw: 1.73m
- Sail area: 28.575m2 - Passenger limit: 10 (flat water)

This is a 26-ft sailing cruiser that boasts sailing performance and on-board living features of the next larger class. Equipped with a jib furler as standard equipment and concentrating most of the running rigging in the cockpit area, this model is designed for short-hand sailing with numerous features to enable smoother sailing with a small crew, like self-tailing winches and a full-batten mainsail with easy-bag to make stowing of the mainsail much easier.

Promotional, educational information supply

Software corners


Counters have been prepared for getting out various types of information about services like Yamaha’s Boat License Schools and Boat Rental Club. In these corners visitors can get register for a boat license course or renew their license, apply for membership in our boat rental club. The booth is designed as an information base where visitors can get answers to all their questions about marine leisure.
A corner has also been set up for the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation, which YMC supports, to introduce many interesting contents of the “Waterside Activities” program which aims to provide educators and children with information for the promotion and spread of seaside activities.

Boat Rental Club

SRV Renral Boat Club

Y's Gear Corner


On display here are navigational equipment and all types of boat rigging equipment and accessories, marine sporting goods and trailers. One item of special interest to many boaters is the full line of “Life Raft Jackets” designed to meet the recent needs for full-time lifejacket wearing. All in all there is more information available here to help people enjoy marine leisure more safely and with greater enjoyment.

Other Features


At various places around the booth are displays of snapshots that people have sent in to the “Seaside Memories Album” that Yamaha began in 2001. With the aim of sharing the wonders of the sea and the joys that the sea can offer with a larger general public, this “Seaside Memories Album” has been published since 2001. Last year, people sent their “memories from all over Japan to be included in this album.
Also on display in the booth are winning paintings from the annual Yamaha Children’s Waterside Painting Contest organized by the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation.

Seaside Memories Album

Seaside Memories Album

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