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Yamaha Two "Good Design Awards" Gold Prizes For Yamaha's 500cc scooter "TMAX" and "Swim 21" international certification 50m competition pool made of FRP

October 01, 2001

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) is the proud recipient of two Gold Prizes in the "2001 Good Design Awards" of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. These awards were presented at a ceremony held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel (Minato Ward, Tokyo) on Oct. 1, where it was also announced that the FRP competition pool built by YMC for the 9th World Swimming Championships had been nominated for the "Good Design Grand Prize" (*) to be decided at a meeting of the selections committee on Oct. 30.
(* Good Design Grand Prize: The grand prize to be given to one of the six nominees selected from the 14 Gold Prize recipients)

The Yamaha "TMAX" scooter is a new-generation commuter model that mounts a 500cc engine (liquid-cooled, 4-stroke twin-cylinder) on a sporty body to offer a ride that is both exciting and comfortable. The TMAX was awarded the Gold Prize for the sleek, muscular styling achieved in an automatic transmission model with the fastest running performance ever. Winning big popularity among users in Japan as well as Europe, this model is praised for its combination of "the exterior of a scooter and the riding performance of a sports bike."

The Yamaha "Swim 21" pool was the main competition pool for the 9th World Swimming Championships held in Fukuoka, Japan this July. This temporary-facility FRP pool was installed at the event's main venue, the Marine Messe Fukuoka convention center, only for the period of the championships and removed once the competition had ended. The Gold Prize was awarded for the fact that this method resulted in a big reduction in construction costs compared to building a permanent-facility pool while also leaving a pre-fab pool that can be reused in another location. It should also be noted that this was the first time in the world that an international certification 50m temporary-facility pool made of FRP was used for the World Swimming Championships.

Along with the TMAX and the Swim 21, a total of eight Yamaha products, including motorcycles, boats and bicycles, were recipients of Good Design awards this year.

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- Large touring bike

"AeroGear 21-SP"

- Boat specially designed for wakeboard towing

"PAS Smile"

- Electro-hybrid bicycle with further evolved functions


- Health-care use wheelchair mounting electro-hybrid PAS drive unit


- Portable generator with inverter function

"Swim Friend"

- Lightweight, compact pool filtration system

- Good Design Awards
The Good Design Awards are intended to give recognition for excellence and originality in design in three areas of products, architecture/environment and new fields, with Gold Prizes awarded in each category. A Grand Prize is also awarded to the entries judged to be most outstanding from the standpoints of social, cultural and daily life value.

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