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Instilling in Children the Importanceof the Ocean Accepting Entries for the 13th National Children's Waterside Painting Contest

July 16, 2001

By Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation

The Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation(J.M.P.F) is holding its 13th National Children's Waterside Painting Contest and will be accepting entries from elementary school and nursery age children throughout the country from July to October 31 (Wednesday) of this year.
By having children paint scenes of the oceans and beaches, this annual contest gives children a valuable opportunity to increase their understanding and awareness of the sea. We also hope to cultivate in them the spirit of protecting the global environment, so the contest is held for children of elementary school age and below every year. From this year the name of the contest has been changed to the Waterside Painting Contest from the Seaside Painting Contest to widen the scope of paintings that may be submitted.

The foundation seeks to develop sound marine leisure activities in Japan, and aggressively undertakes activities to promote non-powered marine sports such as sailing, canoeing, and rowing to further their acceptance. Worldwide environmental problems such as global warming and acid rain have become increasingly serious; we believe that it is very important to pass along to future generations the natural beauty of the oceans and the lakes for people who also want to enjoy marine sports.
In support of these ideals, the Yamaha Motor group is giving financial support and cooperative support to the foundation's Painting Contest.

With the cooperation of the World Children's Fund (W.C.F. / U.S headquarters) and the embassies around the world that are providing contest information, submissions of paintings from children overseas, in particular from those children who are suffering in the aftermath of disasters, are sought in order to reawaken their hopes and dreams. The contest this year hopes to play a role in helping those children suffering from disasters and the like.

The number and quality of last year's 8,457 submissions made it an enriching contest. Contest information was listed on the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Internet home page, and 63 submissions were received from children in Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Colombia. We believe that with the efforts being made by the W.C.F., the number of submissions from overseas will surely increase.

Support this time also comes from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Environment and the Fisheries Agency. Their understanding of the aim of the contest spurs our efforts to further promote it. We hope that you too will appreciate the importance of the contest.
The winning entries will be displayed at the Yamaha Motor booth at the 2002 Tokyo International Boat Show, at other Yamaha event sites throughout the country as well as in Yamaha promotional tools and on the Yamaha Motor Internet home page. In addition, we are actively promoting the display of the works at other public venues.

Contest Summary


13th National Children's Waterside Painting Contest


1. To promote wider understanding of the sea primarily among the children who will lead society in the 21st century.
2. To instill and develop a consciousness of environmental protection through encounters with nature and playing in the natural environment.
3. Offer the contest as a chance to increase communication with children in the home and in school.


A contest is to be held for paintings by children up to the 6th grade of elementary school with themes such as "the beautiful ocean" (environmental protection), "the working ocean" (fishing, harbors, docks) and "ocean fun" (marine sports, pools).

Entry period:

July 2001 to October 31, 2001 (Wed.)

Entry requirements:

Refer to following page


Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment (planned), Fisheries Agency, National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Japan Fisherina Association, Japan Marina Beach Association, Kaiyo Recreation Association, Japan Game Fishing Association


World Children's Fund

Special support:

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Marketing Japan Co., Ltd. and others


Formal judging will be conducted by a panel of judges chaired by Kazuo Kudo, member of Nitten.

Announcement of winners:

Winners will be contacted individually. Winners selected from group submissions will be contacted by their groups. Plans also call for the names of the winners to be published in a release by the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation and in the various publications of cooperating companies.


Individual awards will be presented through the organizer.

Conditions of Entry


The beautiful ocean (environmental conservation), the working ocean (fisheries, wharves, etc.), ocean fun (marine sports, pools and ordinary water recreation activities)

Qualifications for entry:

Children up to and including the 6th grade

Entry period:

July 2001 to October 31, 2001, (Wed.)

How to apply:

All entries must have written on the back of the
painting the title of the painting, the address, telephone number and name of the child, sex, the child's age, grade, school name and parent or guardian's name and must be sent by mail or special delivery to the address below. Submissions made by groups must include the group name and address in addition to the name of the person in charge of the group.

Entry address:

National Children's Seascape Painting Contest Desk,
810, Shinogasecho, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Pref.,
Postal Code 435-0042

Entry specifications:

Paintings must be done on standard
"yotsugiri" size art paper (54.0 x 38.0cm) or
other paper of the same size.

Judging, etc.

Judging categories:

Winners will be selected in the three categories of
upper elementary (4-6th grade), lower elementary
(1-3rd grade) and nursery school age.


Awards in each category will include two Gold Prizes, three Silver Prizes, three Bronze Prizes and five Honorable Mention awards. Special awards (one each) will include: the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize, the Minister of Environment Prize, Director General of the Fisheries Agency Prize, National Federation of UNESCO Associations Prize, Japan Fisherina Association Chairman's Prize, Japan Marine Beach Association Chairman's Prize, Japan Game Fishing Association Chairman's Prize and the Yamaha Motor Company Prize.
Plaques and prizes will be presented to each winner. All contributors will receive a commemorative gift.


- Reproduction rights for all paintings submitted will belong to Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation and
the submitted works will not be returned.
- Plans call for the paintings to be displayed at the Yamaha Motor booth at the Tokyo International Boat Show, at other
Yamaha event sites throughout the country, in Yamaha promotional tools as well as plans to display them on the
Internet home page.
- The organizers will not be responsible for accidents or damage to paintings during mailing.
- The organizers ask that entrants refrain from making inquiries about submissions after they have been made.
- Entry prizes will be sent out after the judging is complete.

Reference 1

[Submissions for the past twelve years]



























[Prizewinning paintings from 2000]

Minister of Education Prize
[Woman drying squid]


Chiharu Wakisaki
(5th grade)

Director General of the Environment Agency Prize
[Beach clean-up]


Kano Kitagawa
(5th grade)

Minister of Transport Prize


Spanin Stanislav Vladimirovich
(Azerbaijan 10 years old)

Director General of the Fisheries Agency Prize


Tomo Nakadoi
(6th grade)

Upper elementary Gold Prize winners


Chitose Tanida
(6th grade)


Chisato Koishi
(5th grade)

Lower elementary Gold Prize winners


Ryo Nakadoi
(3rd grade)


Daisuke Tanaka
(3rd grade)

Nursery school age Gold Prize winners

Yusaku Yokotani
(Age 5)


Hayato Tanaka
(Age 4)

Reference 2

Outline of activities of the Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation

The Japan Marine Sports Promotion Foundation was founded with the approval of the Japanese Ministry of Education in July of 1992 for the purpose of encouraging promotional activities for marine sports in Japan with the support and cooperation of all related organizations. The aim of the foundation is to promote marine sports through educational activities and regional sports programs as a vehicle for encouraging increased harmony with nature and richer human interaction. At the same time the foundation aims to contribute to the kind of environment where people can experience the enjoyment of marine sports and make them spread as lifetime sports that will enrich the health and lives of the citizenry. In particular, the foundation supplies support tailored to local needs in both software and hardware form to help establish sailing as a local sport and a venue for sound education of young people.

Guide to activities


Sound education of children through marine sports.


Training and supplying of marine sports instructors.


Helping the growth of marine sports clubs for adults.


Holding of marine sports seminars and competitions.


Recognizing people who contribute to the spread and development of marine sports.


Supply of equipment for education and production, printing of educational materials.


Surveys and research in the marine sports field and international


Supplying sailboats, etc. to schools and youth educational facilities.

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