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Change in Top Management

March 14, 2001

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announces that the following changes in the company's top management were decided on at a special meeting of the board of directors in the morning of March 14, 2001. These changes will become effective as of April 1, 2001

(New position)

(Previous position)


Chairman of Board of Directors

President and Representative Director

Takehiko Hasegawa

President and Representative Director

Senior Managing Director

Toru Hasegawa

Vice President and Representative Director

Senior Managing Director

Ryuichi Yamashita

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Summary of Comments by Yamaha Top Management

Yamaha Motor President Takehiko Hasegawa, on his retirement from the position

In this time of global mega-competition, we at Yamaha Motor have been working to develop a stronger corporate structure, capable of withstanding whatever changes the era may bring. We also have sought to hone our competitive edge in global markets. Thus, we are striving to achieve vital structural reforms, with all the companies in the Yamaha Motor Group acting in concert.

Now that we have established the framework and direction of these structural reforms, we need to expedite the pace of progress. I have decided that this is the moment of opportunity, the time to pass the baton to a fresh team and a new management system.

Senior Managing Director Toru Hasegawa, on assuming the post of Yamaha Motor President

We are facing an extremely challenging business environment, both in Japan and overseas. In particular, developments in the key markets of Europe and the United States are of concern for Yamaha Motor, which derives 75% of its sales overseas. No one can yet predict the direction in which either economy might move. Meanwhile, we anticipate continued growth in Asia, but that market is also undergoing dramatic changes.

In the course of many years in the capacity of aide and advisor to Yamaha Motor President Takehiko Hasegawa, I have become well aware of the company's strengths, as well as its weaknesses. My experience with our structural reforms is similar. I see progress in some aspects, while others remain undone. I intend to expedite the reform process, getting things on track and moving them forward without delay.

In the Yamaha Motor corporate management approach, we will emphasize speed and agility within a new value system, focusing on results. With it, we aim to survive - and win - in the 21st century.

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