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A full-fledged wakeboard towing boat Yamaha "Aero Gear 21" Special exhibition model for the Tokyo Intl. Boat Show

February 09, 2001

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has developed a full-fledged towing boat outfitted with water ballast compartments for creating a well-shaped wake named the Yamaha "Aero Gear 21," which will be displayed as a special exhibition model at the 40th Tokyo International Boat Show (Feb. 9 to 12 at the Tokyo Big Sight).
In recent years wakeboarding has become popular especially among young people, and the present wakeboarding population in Japan is said to be about 300,000.(*) In Japan competitions using specially designed towing boats are now becoming popular too.

* Source: Japan Wakeboard Association

Diagram of the "Aero Gear 21"

Red letter shows optional parts

Diagram of the "Aero Gear 21"

Features of the "Aero Gear 21"


A "V" type hull design that creates a well shaped wake and also provides good wave-cutting performance


Sharp sporty styling


280-liter water ballast tanks to make the boat's waterline adjustable


Large, comfortable cockpit capable of carrying 8 passengers


Self-bailing system makes open-air storage possible


Comes in two specs; the "Aero Gear 21-SP" featuring must items like a towing tower, swimmers platform that is easy to get on and off, bucket type driver's seat and a wide field of vision rear-view mirror plus the standard "Aero Gear 21" to which the owner can add the options of choice


Comes as a package with the clean-running, fuel efficient Yamaha F100 4-stroke outboard. F115 can also be mounted.


- Specifications of the Yamaha "Aero Gear 21"


6.68 m


2.30 m

Package outboard:

4-stroke F100

Max. rated horsepower:

115 ps


8 people

Fuel tank capacity:

120 liters


Class 5


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